Core Stocky & Console

Servicing retailers in emerging markets necessitates Enterprises to turn to distributors to resell their products and cover the large market. With the growing network it is imperative to use technology to keep the downstream supply chain connected and streamlined while providing real time visibility of sales & inventory. This has increased the demand for high performing and efficient distribution management. Botree has been a pioneer in the field of distributor automation with over 15 years of implementation success in Industries spanning FMCG, Consumer Durables & Telecom.

Core Stocky, a niche and well-known product in the Downstream Supply Chain segment for its rich domain functionalities, was developed over years of experience with various clients. Also called as Distributor’s ERP, Core Stocky is widely used by distributors to fully automate their day-to-day business activities. Core Stocky has cemented its places in the distributor’s community as an efficient tool to handle all the downstream supply chain operations.

Stocky Console is a middleware solution which will enable Corporates to control the flow of master data pertaining to products, pricing, promotions, and transactional information like purchase invoice, from the Corporate ERP to the downstream supply chain. Conversely, it also empowers principal companies with complete control and visibility of all the secondary operations.