New Launch: Introducing the New Botree SFA to Accelerate Sales Productivity


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Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest version of the Sales Field Automation (SFA) app, packed with powerful new features and a fresh new look. With this upgrade we are taking sales productivity to the next level, empowering your sales teams to achieve remarkable results. Get a sneak peek at the Botree SFA app. 

Let’s dive into the exciting new updates.  


Save Time with Granular Data insights 

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making. With the new UI/UX, we have introduced visually appealing data representation, including charts, graphs, and intuitive dashboards. Your sales reps can gain meaningful insights instantly, empowering them to make informed decisions while in the field. 


Botree SFA 1 - Botree Software


Maximise sales insights with interactive dashboards and diverse reports, including Target vs. Achieved, Billed and Unbilled outlets, Beat-wise coverage, and Performance metrics. Identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities, sales trends, and evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies using performance benchmarking. Optimize territories, allocate resources strategically, and spot trends instantly for data-driven decisions with ease. 


But that’s not all, we have incorporated a daily summary report that offers an overview of the sales reps’ daily activities and performance. This report consolidates key metrics and data related to their sales efforts, including customer visits, orders taken, products sold, and the achievement of daily sales targets. With this quick and concise snapshot from the daily summary report, sales reps can make informed decisions, prioritise tasks, and proactively maximise their productivity. 


Navigate Faster with Enhanced UI/UX  

We understand the importance of streamlining processes for field sales teams. We designed a modern, focused look, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free user experience. Sales reps can effortlessly navigate across key functionalities, from order booking to gaining data insights to customer management; every step has been optimised to reduce complexity and enhance productivity. 


Game On for Field Sales, Revenue on the Rise 

Boost sales productivity with engaging gamification features. Motivate your sales teams through gamified challenges, competitions, and rewards. You can customise game plans to drive sales of new and slow-moving SKUs with exciting challenges and incentives tailored to promote these specific products. The gamification feature also amplifies product launches, creating excitement and driving sales for new products. 


For example, your sales team is tasked with promoting a new line of healthy snacks in retail outlets. Introduce a gamified plan in their SFA app to boost the visibility and adoption of these products. The challenge is to achieve a specific number of sales for the new snacks within a specified time frame. Upon reaching specific targets, sales reps earn points and unlock rewards like gift vouchers (outside the application), recognition, or additional commission. A real-time leaderboard displays the top performers, igniting healthy competition and motivating the entire team to excel. 


Botree SFA 2 - Botree Software


Moreover, the gamified approach accelerates Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies, helping to build market share for new products. Sales reps are motivated to execute planned activities and achieve sales targets, ensuring the effective implementation of the GTM strategy and establishing a robust market presence.  


Maximise Market Coverage with Timely Nudges  

This new addition helps sales reps optimise their order management processes with the help of nudges. They are displayed within the app, and tailored to specific sales KPIs and objectives.


For example, if your sales rep misses adding certain SKUs to an order, the Botree SFA app will display a nudge reminding them to include those specific SKUs before finalising the order. Similarly, when a sales rep achieves a sales target or performs exceptionally well, the app sends a nudge with congratulatory messages. 


Botree SFA 3 - Botree Software


These nudges are designed to be contextually relevant and timely, helping sales reps stay on top of their tasks and prioritise actions that lead to increased order bookings and customer satisfaction.


Brand Your App, Make an Impact  

Now you have the flexibility to tailor the visual appearance of your SFA app to match your business branding and create a cohesive user experience. A configurable colour theme provides a consistent look and feel for your sales team. Stand out and make your SFA app truly reflect your unique business. 


The latest version of our Sales Force Automation software is a game-changer for sales teams. Enable your field sales to make informed decisions and drive business growth with an intuitive interface, simplified workflows, robust data-driven insights, and powerful features. Experience the transformation and propel your sales operations to new heights with our enhanced SFA software today.

About the Author

Meet Nimisha Karanam, our dynamic and creative product marketer. With a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and a passion for technology and creativity, Nimisha offers a unique perspective in her role. Beyond work, she enjoys exploring new destinations and cozy cafes, finding inspiration for her creative endeavors.

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