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Beyond Boundaries Botree Software’s Enhanced Mobile DMS Sets the Standard for Rural Expansion

Botree Software, a trailblazer in route-to-market solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest, contemporary upgrade to its Mobile Distribution Management System (Mobile DMS). This innovative mobile application is designed to assist companies across diverse industries, such as FMCG, Consumer Durables, and OTC Pharma, in penetrating deeper into rural markets and reaching a wider customer base.


With the percentage of users with smartphones and internet connectivity doubling in rural India since the pre-COVID era, a mobile solution enables rural and small-town distributors to effortlessly manage their distribution operations. The improved Botree Mobile DMS offers an intuitive user interface along with a comprehensive range of functionality that helps companies to reduce operational costs, make informed decisions based on sales and stock visibility, and devise strategies tailored to the specific needs of the market.


The latest version of Botree Mobile DMS offers the following capabilities:


• Intuitive User Experience: The mobile application features an intuitive user interface, making it easy for distributors to navigate across modules such as purchase orders, tracking inventory, schemes, collections, outlets billed, outlet-wise sales, SKU-wise sales and more with just a tap. This simplifies the learning curve and enhances operational efficiency.


• Inventory Management: Distributors can access real-time information on stock availability, helping them to maintain optimal stock levels and prevent stock-outs at the retail level.


• Purchase Order Management: Distributors can easily place orders with the super stockiest/company and manage purchase receipts right from their smartphones.


• Scheme Management: Companies can execute various line-level secondary promotions and offers. Distributors, in turn, can apply the schemes while generating invoices.


• Claims Management: Claims processing time is reduced significantly by automating claims submission along with tracking and approvals, minimising manual effort.


• Reports & Analytics: Distributors gain real-time insights into key performance metrics, such as inventory levels, scheme performance, outlet-wise sales, product-wise sales, GSTR reports, and more, via online reports and dashboards. This facilitates quick data-driven decision-making and enables actions to capture additional market share and attendant incremental revenue.


Botree Mobile DMS seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing enterprise tech stack, including DMS, ERP, and CRM via APIs. Companies can achieve adoption at scale in just 2-4 weeks, ensuring rapid and scalable deployment.


“Botree Mobile DMS facilitates companies in expanding their market share in rural areas. The Mobile DMS addresses key challenges companies face in penetrating rural and small towns—lack of infrastructure, skilled manpower, connectivity issues, and technology adoption. We are committed to overcoming these challenges with a best-in-class product suite specifically designed for smaller distributors, coupled with the best-on-ground support for distributor training, onboarding, and adoption,” said Keyur Maniar, CEO, Botree Software. “With our Mobile DMS, companies can gain full visibility into secondary sales and accordingly formulate their sales strategies, product promotions, and inventory planning.”


About Botree Software

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