Check out Botree FlexiDMS latest product update: Product remapping, stock adjustment, OTP authentication, and more.


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December 1

The new Botree FlexiDMS is updated with enhanced features to enable enhanced operational efficiency, data visibility, and accessibility. Read along with this blog to see how these features are helping you effectively achieve your goals.


What’s new in Botree FlexiDMS? How does it enhance your distributor management workflow?


1. Improving Transaction Data Visibility with ‘Reports’

The most recent enhancement in the FlexiDMS Desktop application introduces a ‘Reports’ feature, designed to provide distributors with enhanced visibility and effortless tracking of transactional data, including sales, purchases, sales returns, and other data activities. Distributors can now conveniently access transactional data within FlexiDMS, generate reports based on various activities, oversee inventory details, and make well-informed business decisions.


2. Enhancing Product Remapping with the Manual ‘Edit/Remove’ Option

The latest update to the FlexiDMS application introduces an ‘Edit/Remove’ option, empowering distributors to modify the product mapping established during the initial setup. Products within the FlexiDMS are automatically mapped using AI and ML capabilities. With the enhanced FlexiDMS version, distributors can now initiate an ‘Edit/Remove’ change request directly through the system and monitor and review activities effectively. Furthermore, this functionality provides distributors with improved visibility into unmapped products or items through the available reports in the application.


3. Streamlining data reconciliation by enabling ‘Restricted stock adjustments’

The latest enhancement functionality in FlexiDMS addresses data mismatch issues between Tally/Busy and reports by implementing restrictions on users, preventing them from adjusting stock without prior approval from the company. This updated version provides companies with increased control over distributor activities and ensures data hygiene for a seamless and effective operational workflow.


4. Simplifying data management and tracking with an effective ‘Brand Filter’ option

Introducing the ‘Filter’ option in the FlexiDMS application for effective data tracking, analysis, and management. The new ‘Brand Filter’ feature option enables distributors to filter and view data based on brands and make informed business decisions.


5. Elevated assistance with an integrated ticketing system

Elevating support by enabling users to directly raise tickets through the FlexiDMS application. Users can now seamlessly raise tickets or queries, monitor ongoing ticket status, and access past ticket history in real-time, all within the FlexiDMS application.


6. Improved accessibility and security with OTP authentication for application login

In our most recent update, we are introducing one-time password (OTP) authentication to enhance security measures and prevent unauthorized access. As an additional layer of security, users and distributors must now input the OTP sent to their registered mobile number before accessing the FlexiDMS application.



At Botree, we are committed to offering you effective solutions that address the challenges, enhance workflow, simplify distribution management, and hence improve business operations.


Botree FlexiDMS effortlessly works in synergy with your existing software applications and infrastructure to deliver efficient outcomes.


Disclaimer: Our product update series aims to inform you about the latest product releases, empowering you to effectively utilize the product and achieve tangible results.

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