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Botree Software Unveils FlexiDMS That Seamlessly Integrates with a Distributor’s Accounting Software for Visibility into Last Mile Sales Operations

Botree Software, the industry leader in providing best-in-class route-to-market solutions, is excited to announce the launch of Botree FlexiDMS today. This innovative solution is designed to address the needs of brands working with distributors/dealers who are reluctant to adopt a full-fledged Distribution Management System and prefer to operate on accounting solutions like Tally & Busy.

Botree FlexiDMS offers brands access to and control over their secondary and inventory data, even when the distributor prefers to use their existing accounting solution for their business operations. Botree FlexiDMS seamlessly integrates with the distributor’s accounting software and automatically syncs the transactional data for reporting and analysis. This enables brands to capture and analyze data without disrupting the distributor’s daily operations.

With Botree FlexiDMS, brands can gain a complete view of their sales and stock details, enabling them to prevent stockouts, plan effective and efficient trade promotions, drive distribution expansion, and much more to maximize revenue growth. Cutting-edge tools such as AI/ML powered data management, smart nudges, real-time alerts, intuitive UI/UX, and an intuitive analytics dashboard make it the most unique and advanced solution available in the market.

This robust solution can be deployed remotely for any distributor or dealer. Currently, the solution offers integrations with Tally and Busy accounting solutions, with plans to add integrations for other leading accounting software in the coming months.

• Powered by AI/ML auto-data mapping capabilities, Botree FlexiDMS smartly identifies patterns and similarities in the data available in the distributor’s system and the data provided by the brand. This not only eliminates the time-consuming manual tasks of mapping products, retailers, etc. but also ensures data consistency and reliability throughout the reporting and analysis.

• FlexiDMS also offers brands a comprehensive Reports and Analyzer portal, delivering invaluable insights into the number of outlets billed, outlet-wise sales, SKU-wise sales, purchase details, inventory held, and much more, helping brands drive strategic business decisions.

• Furthermore, it provides an intuitive dashboard for distributors, requiring zero learning curve. This enables distributors to have a holistic view of their sales, stock and purchase insights, number of outlets billed, and synchronization summaries, along with real-time alerts for new schemes, sales orders, and invoices.

“At Botree Software, we are committed to providing cutting-edge and robust solutions to our customers. Botree FlexiDMS is the ideal solution for brands whose distributors primarily use an accounting software for their business operations and do not have the wherewithal to adopt a company-specific DMS,” said Swaminathan Thiagarajan, Senior Vice President, Product Management & Pre-Sales at Botree Software. “With FlexiDMS, brands can ensure easy and seamless adoption by their distributors with zero disruption in their operations. This, in turn, provides brands with complete secondary data visibility to take timely and effective actions to achieve their sales and distribution goals, thereby helping them to achieve targeted revenue velocity.”

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