Seamless migration to Botree DMS – CSNG

Botree DMS, Featured Case Study

Seamless migration to Botree DMS – CSNG

Migration to Botree CSNG DMS

Customer migrated to CSNG to experience seamless integration with all their system.
  • Customer: Leading manufacturer of personal care products
  • Category: Personal Care, Dairy, Snacks, Food, Beverages

Introducing CSNG to customer

Leading manufacturer of personal care products was having issues with their former DMS because of which they were struggling with a lot of manual changes in the system. Due to lack of process automation, they were spending too much time in running their business processes which was inefficient and mistake prone. The tracking of inventory manually was an impossible task which made product launches hard to track. The customer opted to use CSNG, as they wanted to experience a fully integrated DMS solution within three months. 

Making CSNG the heart of their business system

CSNG was deployed to not only onboard 2300+ distributors but also to connect it with internal systems like SAP, Tally and SFA solution to get a single dashboard for all their business needs.

The dashboard allowed customer to have visibility across the distribution network which allowed them to manage 10,000+ transactions per month and get access to:

1. Market trend analysis about their products

2. Visibility in scheme given to distributor and retailers

3. Outlet trend analysis and market visibility of the brand

CSNG provided the customer with a single dashboard for accessing data which helped them to control the data leakage and provided complete visibility of stocks and brand reach. CSNG thus improved their new launches and improved their margins with stock liquidation to move their slow moving SKUs.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

CSNG allowed the customer to run all different types of schemes and the in-built automated processes allowed the workflow to get completed with all approvals  necessary to launch the scheme in market. This brought transparency and improved the speed of execution of launching a new scheme. This resulted in increase in Outlet count while as they were able to serve the market faster than before.

With CSNG in place, the customer was able to improve their brand visibility, penetration and market share in the rural market which was their biggest pain point before. With the help of report order vs supply trend analysis, they were able to track the secondary sales, product delivery and sales returns and thus were able to tweak their strategy and scheme utilization to suit the nuances of market needs.