Improved user adoption with Botree DMS

Botree DMS, Featured Case Study

Improved user adoption with Botree DMS

Managing distribution with better adoption

Customer wanted a easy to use system to manage their distribution and to improve time taken to settle claims
  • Customer: Leading manufacturer of confectionery in India
  • Category: confectionery, fmcg

Driving user behaviour with Botree’s CSNG

The customer was struggling with an old technology DMS which was not allowing stakeholders to collaborate. This resulted in manual work with numerous processes running outside system which lead to data leakages and other inefficiencies in the system. With more than 1800 distributors to manage they needed a robust solution to ensure that the validation and approval of stock can be done seamlessly and the claim settlement which took 3 months could be done faster.

Focus on experience with automation of processes

Customer integrated CSNG with SAP, SFA and their internal systems to have a single dashboard for complete visibility of the secondary sales. The distributors who were struggling with lots of manual processes started using the DMS to ensure that their claims were cleared faster which in turn improved their working capital.

The customer was able to have full visibility of their distribution network. The system focussed on user experience and by making schemes visible easily, it allowed for easy adoption of schemes by distributors/retailers. With all stakeholders on the same platform, the customer went ahead with integration of other processes and systems including the other third party application, which they were using for their rural market, to ensure completeness of processes. The focus then shifted to market trend analysis, fine tuning of schemes to improve the metrics at the outlet level sales.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

The customer was able to bring all their stakeholders to the single system which improved the processes and resulted in minimal data leakage. Claim settlement, which used to take three months was brought down to 10 days by housing all workflows of approvals and validations at the same place.

With the distributors using the system actively, the customer was able to track their inventory in market including the rural market. Thus they were able to focus on brand visibility and productivity of salesman which was not possible before.