Botree SFA makes a super powerful combination with Botree DMS

Botree SFA, Featured Case Study

Botree SFA makes a super powerful combination with Botree DMS

Integration of SFA with DMS

The customer migrated from handheld based SFA to Botree SFA as they wanted seamless integration with DMS along with better support and experience for their field teams.
  • Customer: Consumer goods company focussed on natural health care
  • Category: FMCG, health care, ayurveda

Creating a complete distribution ecosystem

The customer wanted to move away from their old technology to Botree SFA with a focus on providing their 3000+ field force a better experience to cut down their time in processes to increase their productivity. The customer was finding the visibility a challenge in absence of one single consolidated reporting and was struggling to find the actual pain points which resulted in shifting goal posts.

Since the customer was already using Botree DMS, by switching to Botree SFA, the customer wanted to bring their entire distribution ecosystem on one single platform to drive accountability and address business issues.

Driving collaboration between teams

With the help of integrated system, the customer was able to start tracking of sales metrics like lost orders / fill rates to ensure they were able to plug those issues. They were also able to focus on productivity of their sales representatives by analyzing their behavior on the field, in the store and was able to identify the issues much better than before. The customer conducted sale