Point of sales solution for our partner stores

Truly extendable Point of Sale solution

We help retailers to adopt to digital billing with our connected PoS solution which has been designed to ensure minimal effort for maintenance thereby improving adoption. The PoS solution is built with with an open architecture design, and enables out of the box direct access to marketplace/network.
At the heart of UnitePoS, we have RSMarket(i) which helps retailers with insights and assisted ordering for retailers to enable right assortment in their stores, allowing them to collaborate directly with stakeholders for product launch and expansion
  • Modern point of sales solution which is integrated with RS Platform
  • One stop solution for retailer for all his business needs
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Feature Rich POS integrated with entire distribution network


Full integration with entire network

With UnitePoS, our partner stores can connect with brands, distributors and other stakeholders seamlessly and collaborate with them with our out of box solutions