Being a product company, Botree leverages the technology at its best. Adapting itself to the 3rd generation Platform (as coined by IDC) we create our products using the disruptive technologies which creates a new platform for our customers to ride the technology wave. Botree provides best of the Agnostic solutions to their customers thereby ensuring lesser Total Cost of Ownership and better Return on Investment. Service Oriented Architecture enables their solutions to be stacked in such a way that it can be vertically and horizontally scalable in terms of features and deployment architecture. This ages appreciates things which are faster to use and faster to deploy, going by this requirement, we at Botree, engineer products which makes life simpler and at the same time embrace portability, reusability, flexibility and maintainability.

Technology Highlights

Agnostic features

Botree’s solutions reinforce the concept of freedom when it comes to investment in hardware, operating systems, middleware and databases. The architecture allows its customer to re-use what they have or move to open source when the current investment is approaching end of life. We have solutions which support different back ends, Windows or Linux platforms and can be used in multiple devices as browser based applications.


The design supports horizontal and vertical scaling seamlessly. You can start with minimum infrastructure and before hitting the threshold, you can scale it up based on Botree’s suggestion. We help you to protect your hardware investments by properly aligning with IAAS partners.

Service Oriented Architecture & Enterprise Development Kit

Critical features can be made as service to connect with your existing application using our EDK. As the architecture is completely service oriented and loosely coupled, we can remove any of the process as a service and give connectors as input or output. This ensures the customer will not get stuck with future improvements they want to do with our system.

Mobility – Connecting the extended enterprise through renowned partners

Botree not only offers mobility solution as an extension to their suite of products but also as an enterprise application platform. In partnership with enterprise mobility platform companies, Botree uses their functional expertise in creating quick solutions on these platforms and helps companies to deploy the same. Through this approach, Botree provides complete suite of extended enterprise solutions to their customers and also satisfies their quick mobility needs which otherwise requires too many partners to work with.

Product Management – Blackblot™

We can either develop a product or the product which the market wants. We decided to answer the market requirements by following the principles of Blackblot™ and create winning products. We at Botree realize the potential of being a perfect product company by ensuring we understand the pain areas and provide the suitable solution areas to our customers.



Botree uses the mix of Old and New Technologies to ensure various deployment and expectations of its customers. In order to guarantee technology, we have Migration programs available for our existing customers to move on to new platform “Core Stocky Next Generation”. The new platform enables different agnostic features and works well to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership and different deployment models ranging from Laptop to Cloud..

Mobility - SFA

Botree Sales Force Automation is powered by best of technology. The technology stack used ensure maximum reusability of code across most used platforms like Android, IOS and Windows. The R&D team at Botree looks for various integration methodologies apart from indigenously built methods and sees how various platform can coexist within the existing architecture. We have extensive knowledge in integrating with worlds best ERP and SaaS tools by bundling components from our partners. We know what the market wants, so mix traditional approach of USB sync and at the same time have Over the Air sync of data. With Botree SFA you are not only in the safe hands, but with a company who can connect last mile with your original source of information and give you a closed loop reporting.