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How Botree Catalyzed Amul’s 72,000+ Crore Revenue

This case study delves into the strategies, innovations, and values that have propelled Amul to a revenue of over 72,000 Crores. It explores the brand’s marketing, supply chain, customer-centric approach, and sustainability practices.

Amul Case Study

Key Highlights


Supply Chain Optimization

Learn how Botree Softwares’ solutions optimized Amul’s supply chain, ensuring timely delivery and reducing wastage.


Data-Driven Insights

Understand how Botree Softwares’ analytics provided Amul with valuable insights, enabling informed decision-making.


Customized Solutions

Discover how Botree Softwares tailored solutions to meet Amul’s unique needs, fostering a collaborative and adaptive partnership.

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What Amul Says

We wanted to provide one of the best applications to our distributors and salesmen, so we partnered with Botree for end-to-end services, which include DMS, Mobile DMS, SFA, Retailer app, and even our server management. The Botree team is quite helpful, sincere, hardworking, and they are always on their toes to provide support. We are happy with the Botree performance, and we believe that we’ve selected the right partner.

Ajay Sheth

Head – IT, Amul (GCMMF)