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JLL Expands its Direct Outlet Reach to Over
1.1 M Retail Stores with Botree DMS

Discover how JLL addressed scheme management inefficiencies, improved operational efficiency and expanded its market reach to over 1.1 M retail outlets with Botree DMS hosted on AWS Platform.


Key Highlights

Enhanced Scheme Operational Efficiency

Enhanced Scheme Operational Efficiency

Learn how JLL overcame their scheme operational challenges with Botree DMS, significantly improving user experiences through timely execution and notifications of new schemes and offers.

sales Growth

Expanded Direct Market Reach

Explore how increased operational efficiency enabled JLL to expand their direct market reach to over 1.1 million retail outlets within a year using Botree DMS.

data driven

Reduced Claim Settlement Time

Discover how Botree DMS enabled JLL to reduce claim settlement time to just 10 days through automation, thereby strengthening distributor relationships and improving user experience.

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What JLL Says

Botree Software’s ability to handle mass rollouts for 1300 distributors in a single day without any major challenges was appreciable and commendable. With 2000+ distributors now on board, our DMS has 100% coverage, providing us with invaluable data insights and visibility to boost nationwide sales.

Ravi Razdan

Head IT & HR, Jyothy Labs Ltd