Customized Report Generation, Streamlined Billing, Enhanced Tally Integration and More


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In our latest update, we’re bringing you powerful new features in Botree DMS, designed to streamline your operations, enhance data accuracy, and boost overall efficiency. Dive into the key enhancements to transform your business processes and drive better results.


Discover our top three updates in Botree DMS.


1. Simplify Billing with Automatic UOM Selection


Tired of selecting the unit of measure (UOM) every time you bill a product?


Our new “Transaction UOM Configuration” feature sets the default billing UOM to either the highest UOM or the base UOM, based on your business preference. Based on the default UOM set, the system will automatically apply the default setting, making the billing process faster and more convenient.


However, we understand that flexibility is key.


In cases where a specific transaction requires a different UOM, you can easily change it on the spot. Distributors also have the option to configure their preferred default UOM, ensuring the system adapts to their unique needs.


Default UOM Botree DMS

Let’s consider a real-time example to understand this feature update better:


Consider Jagdish, a distributor for a beauty company, typically sells moisturizers in cases of 24 bottles. In the past, he had to manually select ‘cases’ as the UOM every time he billed a customer, which was time-consuming. With the new “Transaction UOM Configuration” feature, Jagdish sets ‘cases’ as the default UOM.


Now, when Jagdish processes an order for a retail store, the system automatically applies ‘cases’ as the default UOM. If the store needs a few extra individual bottles, Jagdish can easily switch to ‘bottles’ during the transaction. This flexibility ensures Jagdish can handle any order efficiently, saving his time and reducing errors.


This enhancement simplifies the billing process, improves efficiency, and provides the flexibility needed for different transaction scenarios.


So, what are you waiting for? Embrace this new feature and experience hassle-free billing with Botree DMS. 


2. Create and Customize PDF Reports with Ease 


Now you can generate and customize PDF reports directly within the Botree DMS’s RnA.


This new functionality allows users to create a customized PDF template, setting the number of rows (up to 1000), print orientation (portrait or landscape), column width, and report name. You can also choose from multiple formats when printing, ensuring your reports are perfectly tailored to your requirements.


PDF Template Botree DMS

Consider Muthu, a distributor who needs to generate monthly sales reports for the books keeping purpose. In the past, he had to export data to Excel and manually format it into a PDF, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.  


With the new feature, Muthu simply inputs the data into the RnA module and generates the PDF report using his customized template. The process is now streamlined, saving Muthu hours of work and ensuring the reports are consistent and professional every time. 


This enhancement not only saves time but also ensures that all specific reporting needs are met with precise and tailored PDF outputs.  


Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of creating and customizing PDF reports directly within Botree DMS’s RnA module. 

3. Seamlessly Transfer Data Between your DMS and Tally system 


In the latest Botree DMS update, we have enhanced Tally integration allowing you seamless data transfer between your DMS and Tally systems.


Our enhanced integration with Tally now supports a wide range of financial transactions, including debit notes, credit notes, receipts, adjustments, invoice knock-offs, and canceled invoices.


These additions ensure that all aspects of your financial data are accurately captured and transferred, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. 


Botree DMS Tally Integration

Additional improvements include; 


  • Invoice-Level Discounts: Discounts applied at the invoice level are now seamlessly exported to Tally, maintaining the integrity of your pricing and sales records. 
  • Collections: Collections entered in the DMS can now be seamlessly integrated into the distributor’s Tally, simplifying accounting processes more than ever before. 
  • Credit and Debit Note with Adjustment Details: Credit and debit notes raised by the distributor can now be easily exported to Tally, streamlining financial management. 


Now, experience the future of seamless data integration with Botree DMS and Tally, and take your financial operations to the next level. 




With these updates, we’re making it easier for you to manage your operations, improve financial accuracy, and enhance overall efficiency.


Want to learn more about Botree DMS? Request for a quick call and schedule a Free Product Demo to check how we can help you scale your business.  


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