Dabur Case Study


Dabur’s success story is based on its dedication to nature, corporate and process hygiene, dynamic leadership and commitment to its partners and stakeholders. The results of Dabur’s policies and initiatives are there for all to see. Yet again, better sales transparency, and even better visibility of their distributors’ data was always welcome. Some distributors, who had their own software, provided automated inputs to Dabur. However, there was little periodicity and consistency to it. As much as Dabur supposed that the pricing that reached the retailers were foolproof, there was no particular method to validate it. While Dabur was confident that they could control the disproportionate supply and demand numbers later, if not sooner, like any other progressive organization, Dabur also sought out a foolproof supply chain management solution to streamline their operations in a timely manner, and provide a high visibility to their existing operations.

This was around the time when Botree stepped into the scene. The solution implementations were made. The real differentiator that Dabur saw was the post-implementation support that Botree provided. It was important to train the distributors, acclimatize them with the Drishti solution in the distributors’ local lingo, the works. That, Botree did.