How Good was Diwali 2021? Part2 – Skincare category


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With the festive season in India coinciding with the onset of winter, Skin Care products usually see a good spurt in Sales. Based on our data we saw a minimum of 60% spike for Skin Care categories across the country. But it was the regional disparities in this change in growth that were very interesting.

Kolkata left everyone behind with a spike of 5x in the Skin Care category. The next set of jumps came from the cities of Gujarat. Vadodara, Surat, and Rajkot recorded >2x growth in Skin Care.

The lowest changes were primarily in Southern cities. One contributing factor here is the late and not so harsh winters. Chennai, Kochi, and Bangalore saw the lowest spikes in this category during the festive season. Within the category, the biggest spikes were seen in Body Lotion, Lip Care, and Face Packs subcategories.


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