Distribution Management Solutions

Botree Software deploys collaborative sales, marketing, distribution and supply chain solutions across the downstream supply chain network which enables Channel Management, Product and Pricing management, Purchase order management, Secondary sales stock management, Trade Promotions Management, Claims Management and Distributor Sales Force Automation.


Challenges and Benefits

Sales & Distribution


  • Lack of visibility of performing product & outlet at granular level for achieving right product at the right time at the right outlet.
  • Channel management is not strong owing to shelf space loss at the retailer level
  • Push method to achieve only Sell-in numbers and sales loss and margin loss for the Distributor as less concentration on Sell-Through
  • Too much of work on excel with late and less accurate data, which brings down agility to decide on time
  • Target vs Actual non alignment with overall Sales Operation Plan
  • Schemes introduced by the company not working for the right outlet or SKU’s
  • Distributors using their own processes to conduct sales creating heterogeneous activities and no commonality to ensure better sales and process


  • Greater sales productivity
  • Improved win-win situation with distributors by improving their ROI
  • Continued double digit in earnings and revenue
  • Reduced sales skew and balanced distribution levels
  • Reduced stock out by 50%
  • Reduced excess inventory at distributor’s end by 50%
  • Unified distribution process enabled for future changes alignment and complete compliance
  • CPFR ready processes to create stickiness with the Distribution partners

Trade Marketing

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Supply Chain

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Solutions Offered

Master Data Management

Maintain uniform master data and streamlined processes across the entire downstream supply chain


  • Create & maintain master data
  • Integrate with ERP systems
  • Maintain Product & Pricing catalogues
  • Sales and geographical hierarchies for master data and reporting purposes
  • Target vs Actual non alignment with overall Sales Operation Plan
  • Schemes introduced by the company not working for the right outlet or SKU’s
  • Promotions creation
  • Salesman, retailer and route management

Distribution Network Automation

Automate every single activity of the distributor to maximize productivity and reduce operational costs while getting complete visibility of secondary sales & stock.


  • Maintain detailed information on products, stocks, suppliers, retailers.
  • Streamline processes like purchases, order book, invoicing, promotions, claims, damages,returns, receivables
  • Push method to achieve only Sell-in numbers and sales loss and margin loss for the Distributor as less concentration on Sell-Through

Inventory Management

Reduce out of stock situations, sales loss and holding costs and improve supply chain efficiency


  • Track every single movement of inventory from/to supply chain partners
  • Visibility of the inventory across the network
  • Inter distributor stock transfer
  • Visibility of saleable and damaged stock
  • Maintain stock in multiple locations across distribution branches

Channel Management

Track channel performance, reach the right customers with the right products and empower the business to meet the needs of the customers


  • Create and maintain retailer channels and groups based on nature of trade
  • Price discounts for specific channels
  • Visibility of channel wise sales performance
  • Execute & track trade promotions in specific channels

Purchase Order Management

Control inventory replenishment, enable flexibility in purchase order management to better address market demand


  • Replenishment based on inventory norms
  • Visibility of inventory levels across the supply chain
  • Tweak orders suggested by the system to order based on market demand
  • Completely automated through integration with ERP systems

Trade Promotions Management

Create and maintain trade promotions for all downstream supply chain partners, track effectiveness and take informed decisions to improve

  • Promotions based on quantity, amount, weight and window display
  • Flexible payouts, Flat amounts, Discount %, Free products, Quantum purchase schemes
  • Point redemption and loyalty programs
  • Track and review promotion effectiveness
  • Flexibility to alter ongoing promotions to align with market response
  • Run promotions for specific customers based on specific attributes like channel, key accounts

Claims Management

Settle claims within a span of 5-7 days and help reduce distributor’s working capital lock

  • Automatic claim generation for key processes like price discounts, promotions
  • Manual claim generation for specific expenses like logistics, salesmen on field expenses
  • Flexible workflow for company approval (Sales, trade marketing & finance)
  • Integration with ERP systems for credit note generation

Sales force Productivity

Create and maintain targets for the supply chain partners, track and measure sales performance to improve productivity

  • Set targets for distributors
  • Automatic breakdown of targets till retailer level based on past sales performance
  • Track performance at retailer/route/salesman/distributor/company sales force levels

Financial Management

Maintain all financials in Botree’s system and have complete control of transactional performance

  • All Indian tax scenarios handled
  • Maintain all financials and generate statutory reports
  • Integration with Tally and other accounting tool for collating transactions from multiple businesses