Enabling Streamlined Bill Generation, Scheme Application and More Exciting Functionalities in the Latest Botree DMS


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In our latest release, we are thrilled to introduce some of the most exciting enhancements to the Botree DMS Application. These updates notably streamline bill generation and scheme application management, ultimately elevating the user experience to new heights.


Let’s dive into the top 5 enhancements of this release in Botree DMS.  


Improved Distributor Master Report: Empowering Data-Driven DMS Adoption Strategies


To boost Distributor visibility, we’ve updated our system with additional fields such as last login, billing dates, etc., to help companies effectively keep track of the system usage by the distributors. These additions provide deeper insights for companies to make data-driven decisions and formulate targeted strategies to encourage usage among inactive or infrequent users, ultimately maximizing adoption of the DMS system, streamlining data, and enhancing distribution management. 



Enhanced Flexi Scheme Management: Streamlining Scheme Master Prioritization


We have enhanced the Flexi Scheme Master by adding specific parameters, including stock in hand, nearest expiry, and lowest MRP, allowing the company to strategically apply scheme rules and boost sales performance. Based on the rules set, the system auto allocates the Free SKU at the time of billing. This new enhancement effectively enhances stock management of offer stock, offering more control and flexibility in scheme management for companies.



Efficient Inventory Management: Standardizing and Restricting Manual Stock Transfer


In this release, we’ve introduced a significant enhancement to the stock adjustment module. Now, with the help of configuration settings, company users gain granular control over distributor access to make specific stock adjustments. This enhancement restricts users to move stocks from one stock category to another, such as “sample stock to saleable stock” or “saleable stock to sample stock” or in other combinations, hence facilitating smoother business operations with increased control and flexibility in managing stock adjustments. 



Enabled Loading Sheet Generation for Delivered Bills: Enhancing Data Tracking and Visibility


Within the latest version of the Botree DMS Application, users can now generate loading sheets for delivered invoices at their convenience. This improvement significantly increases distributors accessibility to historical delivery data, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience in managing operations and, hence, make informed business decisions. 



Enhanced E-Invoice and E-Way Bill Management: Optimizing Documentation and Data Tracking


We have made several important updates the billing module, to address documentation gaps and streamline information. In the latest DMS version, users can now generate e-invoice and e-way bills for sales returns, edit, cancel, or extend e-way bill validity, and print e-way bill directly from the DMS application. In addition to this, we have introduced new functionality, enabling unregistered customers to generate e-way bills. This enhancement further provides distributors with more flexibility in their documentation, giving them greater control over meeting regulatory requirements. 




At Botree Software, our commitment to continuous improvement, providing exceptional user experiences remains unwavering. We achieve this through regular feedback from our users. Our products undergo continuous updates and improvements to ensure that our customers and users are equipped with tools that scale with growth, trends and technological transitions. 


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