Enhanced User Activity Tracker, Streamlined Data Flow, and Visibility Across All Channels


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what's new in botree SFA

We’re thrilled to unveil exciting new features this month that help streamline your workflow and supercharge your sales team’s productivity. 

Read on to discover the latest updates in the Botree SFA and elevate your sales efficiency. Dive into the details and see how you can lead your sales team more effectively.

Capture Orders Beyond the Planned Route of the Day via Phone

Order taking is made more efficient and flexible within the updated Botree SFA app.

Transform every interaction into a sales opportunity by allowing your sales team to take on-demand orders from outlets beyond their assigned PJP (Planned Journey Plan) route via phone. With your sales team having the flexibility to take phone orders anytime, anywhere, delight your customers with enhanced efficiency and support.


With this updated feature, your retailers no longer have to wait for the next sales rep’s market visit to place orders. Additionally, this update represents a significant step towards more efficient order handling and reporting within the SFA system.


SFA Menu bar



Streamline Order Booking with Geo-Fencing Restriction  


Introducing the geo-fencing option for company users or supervisors.


Now, ensure better oversight of all your user activities and streamline order booking and management with geo-fencing.


Based on the PJP route for the day and geo-fencing radius set, the users would be restricted from placing orders for outlets that are beyond a specified radius of their assigned PJP. This feature enables you to streamline your order processing, ensuring you have better oversight of your user activities and outlet coverage.


Additionally, you can enable or disable the feature based on the sales hierarchy or geographical location at the distributor level and offer your users greater flexibility in placing orders.

Now track where orders are placed, get an overview of area-wise sales performance and drive-through activity, and stay informed about your market activities.  


Automate Data Synchronization  

Enhance your user experience with the power of automation!


Mitigate the risk of data loss or omissions and seamlessly enhance your sales efficiency with real-time data insights and activities synchronized across all channels.


Enable your users to set a pre-defined time for automatic data synchronization, ensuring data is always up-to-date without manual intervention. With automated syncing, you can eliminate the risk of data loss and enable your sales team to focus on their daily activities without worry.  


Set Outlets for Fortnightly Visits  

Now drive your sales rep activities by offering them clear visibility into outlet coverage and visits using our enhanced outlet visit module.  


Based on the size of the outlet, area, or other factors, optimize your route planning and schedule outlets for fortnightly visits. Once configurations are set, users will receive notifications listing the outlets to be covered. Outlets designated for fortnightly visits will be marked with a crown symbol, allowing users to prioritize activities accordingly. This feature ensures seamless service delivery to all customers without the risk of missing any outlet.


sales rep outlets visit


Track Sales Team Activities in Real-Time  

Introducing color-coded indicators will enhance your visibility into your sales team’s activities in real-time.  

Now, monitor your sales team’s activities in real-time using the color codes assigned to each salesperson’s activity, including active, away, and inactive.


Based on the activity status, when a salesperson is active and present, their activity status will be displayed in green. Conversely, if a salesperson has been inactive for an extended period beyond the set time limit, their activity status color will change to orange, indicating prolonged inactivity.


Additionally, to ensure comprehensive monitoring, you will receive notifications if a salesperson remains inactive for an extended period. This feature not only provides better visibility into your sales team’s activities but also helps you understand your team’s hurdles or pain points, fostering teamwork and ultimately driving sales growth.



That’s all for this month’s update. These updates highlight our steadfast dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Botree Software.  

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