Fabric Wash Brands and their Sales In India


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Over the last few decades, the Indian Fabric Wash segment has evolved significantly. The market has expanded from only fabric washing soaps to detergents and washing liquids designed for different kinds of fabrics and washing machines. Additionally, with the evolution of the garment industry, the fabric care segment has evolved to include whiteners, softeners, and other specialized liquids for woolen and silks, etc. This has resulted in a richly diversified and heterogenous market with products available for all types of fabrics, budgets, and customer needs. 


The customers have more choice and are more evolved and consider use, fabric type, value etc. before buying fabric wash products. 

Rin, Comfort and Ujala dominate the fabric whitener and fabric softener segment. 

Customers are becoming more value conscious and sales of value pack >500 gms and above are rising, near 2X in AMJ ’22 compared to the same quarter last year.  

in Independent large stores in urban areas Value pack sales have risen significantly. Surf Excel value packs have captured major market share. 

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