Here’s a sneak peek at the latest Botree SFA product update!


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We have enhanced our SFA application with new and exciting updates, all created to enhance your user experience and navigation and help you make strategic business decisions.  


Read further to check out the latest updates and features in the Botree Sales Force Automation (SFA) mobile and desktop or web application.  


What’s new in the Botree SFA application? 


Enhanced Support Accessibility 


In the latest product update for Botree SFA, we have added a toll-free number and email ID, facilitating easy communication with the support team, enhancing user experience with quick support and assistance.


Streamlined Order Booking Details 


We have enhanced the order booking process in the latest SFA product application. Within the updated version, users can access information by keying in MRP, PTR, and SIH details directly from the order booking screen. This improvement enhances productivity, providing quick insights tailored to customer needs while reducing the time spent on checking individual product details. 


Comprehensive Outlet Info Enhancements 


With the latest product update, users can now get details of sales and other information such as AVG sale, No. of brands, No. of SKUs, Min & Max bill amounts, etc., within a particular timeframe. This enhancement significantly elevates the user experience, empowering users to make well-informed and strategic business decisions in a timely manner. 


Enhanced Scheme & Line-level discount Visibility in Order Booking 


Our latest release enhances the order booking module, providing salespeople with an overview of available schemes and line-level discounts in both percentage and amount. This transparency enables salespersons to easily identify promotional offers, enhancing overall sales and fostering stronger customer relationships for improved satisfaction. 


Expanded Performance Metrics in MTD Dashboard 


Our latest release enhances the Performance module within the MTD Dashboard, by enabling salespersons to evaluate their performance more effectively with a comprehensive view of target achievements and monthly performance through the MTD Dashboard. 




With each update, we at Botree are committed to enhancing your experience with streamlined operations, insightful data to help you make informed decision-making, maximize sales, and improve customer satisfaction. Unlock the transformative capabilities of Botree SFA by scheduling a demo today. 


Disclaimer: Our product update series aims to inform you about the latest product releases, empowering you to effectively utilize the product and achieve tangible results. 


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