Improved Operational Management, Enhanced Sales Return Control, Approval Workflows, and More


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what's new in botree DMS

New month, new updates! At Botree Software, we are dedicated to making your operations and workflow as seamless as possible. To help you achieve your goals, we continuously enhance our tools with features that boost efficiency. In this DMS product release, we’ve introduced several enhancements designed to streamline your processes and manage activities more efficiently. 


Head over to our blog to read more about these updates and learn how you can enhance your user experience.


Control Sales Returns with a Pre-defined Return Policy Period  

In the fast-paced FMCG business landscape, maintaining positive relationships with your customers is pivotal for seamless operations. One effective method businesses use to strengthen these relationships is by implementing a sales return policy. This not only gives users confidence but also builds trust in the brand.


While sales returns are advantageous for users, they invariably come at a cost to your business. Sales returns can be challenging to manage, especially with products that are purchased under special schemes. Companies are continually seeking ways to minimize returns and prevent potential misuse of return policies. Despite having effective claim reversal and management features in DMS, companies still incur transportation costs and face the challenges of limited product shelf life for returned items. This invariably impacts the business’s ROI.


To address these challenges, we have introduced the ‘Sales Return Control’ feature. This option allows you to set a returnable threshold limit and a specific return policy period, preventing users from returning products beyond a defined value and timeframe.


This feature is a win-win for both your business and customers. Not only does it help with sales profitability and customer satisfaction, but it also reduces the risk of manipulation or fraud, ensuring a more secure and efficient return process. 


Control Sales Returns with a Pre-defined Return Policy Period  



Generate E-way Bills for Purchase Returns  

Now, generating e-way bills for your purchase returns is effortless within the DMS application.


No more dealing with the hassle and risk of manual e-way bill creation. Simply navigate to Purchase Returns in your DMS application, click on the ‘Generate E-way Bill’ option for the product you wish to return, and submit the vehicle and other necessary details.


And it’s done! Based on the details entered, the system will generate an e-way bill for the return orders in a matter of a few minutes.


E way bill



Approve Claims and Purchase Orders from Mobile DMS and Streamline Operations  


Having your data synced across all channels is important for you to stay on top of your user activities. With the right information at your fingertips, you can offer your users timely notifications and make informed business decisions.


To help you effectively manage user activity and operations across all channels, we have added enhanced approval workflows for activities from other platforms, within the DMS application.


Now you can seamlessly access and approve distributor activities on purchase orders or claim requests placed via Mobile DMS, directly from your DMS access portal. You can accept or reject requests based on stock availability or other reasons and notify your users of their approval status in real-time.


Additionally, you can now access outlet images extracted from your SFA within your DMS system, allowing you to efficiently approve claims for store branding.


This enhancement ensures you have access to all data in one place, enabling quick and informed business decisions. This improves operational efficiency, management, and the overall user experience.


claims and purchase order in mobile dms




That’s a wrap on our top enhancements and updates for the month! We’re excited to share that we’ve also implemented many of the UI/UX enhancements you suggested. Our DMS application now features the latest improvements based on your feedback, designed to enhance your user experience and operational efficiency.


Check out our latest updates and features and let us know what additional functionalities you’d like to see in the DMS. Your feedback and experience matter to us.


Feel free to drop your feedback at 


For more information on our product suite and product demo, click Request a Demo.

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