Intelligently Manage Stock & Sales based on Product Shelf Life with Botree DMS


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As someone working in the dairy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and beverage sectors, you’re well-acquainted with the complexities of handling perishable goods that have limited shelf lives.


Effective inventory management isn’t just important—it’s a top priority. It can make or break your business.


Let’s illustrate this with an example:


Imagine you’re shopping in a grocery store. As you stroll through the store, you spot a new herbal hair oil from your favorite brand. You are excited to try this new product and go through the label to understand the ingredients used. However, upon examining the label, you notice that the product is due to expire in 15 days.


In this situation, the imminent expiration not only creates a sense of unease but also leaves a negative impression of the brand in your mind. The thought of purchasing a product that has such a short shelf life raises concerns about its freshness and efficacy. As a result, you may lose trust in the brand and hesitate to buy any products from the brand again in the future.


This scenario vividly illustrates the impact of near-expiry products on consumer behavior and brand perception. Customers are less likely to purchase items with limited shelf life, as they perceive them to be of lower quality or value. This hesitation not only affects sales for the brand but also affects the brand’s reputation, as consumers link the short shelf life to poor quality control or outdated inventory management practices. Moreover, negative feedback can deter prospective customers from trying your products, further impacting your brand reputation.


Introducing ‘Lock Sales by Shelf Life’ in Botree DMS


To address this challenge and assist businesses in effectively managing stocks nearing their expiration dates, we’ve introduced the concept of “Sales Control by Shelf Life” in Botree DMS.



With this feature, brands can now configure and restrict the sale of stocks nearing their expiration date. Based on the limit set, the system will automatically lock sales when the threshold is reached, thereby ensuring compliance and preventing the distribution of near-expiry products from reaching the market.


By strategically managing the sales of near-expiry products, brands can ensure that only fresh and high-quality items are available to customers, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. This proactive approach to inventory management not only minimizes logistic and operational costs but also fosters trust and confidence in the brand, ultimately driving long-term success in the marketplace.




Implementing ‘Lock Sales by Shelf Life’ requires careful consideration of existing inventory management systems and processes. Companies must ensure that their systems are capable of tracking and managing stocks based on shelf-life data, as well as providing mechanisms for proactive decision-making regarding sales and distribution.


Botree DMS seamlessly integrates with any ERP and existing tech stack, enabling you to streamline distribution and sales operational efficiency.


Want to learn more about how Botree DMS can benefit you with enhanced inventory and distribution management?


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Meet Mr. Vinit Kumar, Product Owner and a seasoned IT professional with over a decade of diverse experience in solutions like DMS, SFA, CRM, and ERP. His expertise lends a fresh perspective to product management. Having spearheaded multiple products & projects, his collaboration with Botree aims to propel product innovation to new heights.

Vinit Kumar

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Vinit Kumar

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