Introducing Quick Share Option And More Exciting Functionalities in the New Updated Botree SFA


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We’re thrilled to share the latest enhancement to the Botree SFA Application. Designed to improve the user experience, the latest enhancements add convenience, efficiency, and streamline information sharing. Want to learn more about the latest enhancements and functionalities? 

Let’s dive into the blog to delve deeper into the newest enhancements and functional updates within the Botree SFA. 


1. Introducing Convenience–Enabled Quick Share Option for Users to Conveniently Send Data via the App


No more hassle of taking screenshots or typing data, simply click the share button and quickly send updated details to stakeholders. Now you can conveniently share SKU Summary and Sales return details with your concerned stakeholder directly via the Botree SFA App to various communication channels like WhatsApp, e-mail, and more. This new enhancement aims to offer an improved user experience, ensuring stakeholders stay informed and engaged through their preferred communication channels and make quick and informed business decisions


2. Enabling Improved Data Viewing and TrackingAdded Quick Filters and New Fields in our Reporting Module


We have incorporated quick filters and additional fields to our popular reporting module, to enhance data visibility and segmentation. This enhancement empowers users to swiftly filter data based on key parameters such as distributors, salesman or route and offers a quick overview of required data. Additionally, we have introduced new fields enabling users to generate comprehensive reports of the last 3 months and gain deeper insights and analytics to make informed business decisions.


3. Offering Enhanced Flexibility Enable/Disable the PJP Visit Along with Multiple Configurations 


In our latest update to the Botree SFA web application, we’re excited to introduce enhanced features that enable users with Advanced Control and Precision in Beat Management. Users can now effortlessly enable or disable Permanent Journey Planning (PJP) visits, providing salesmen with a clear daily plan and activity list. With PJP enabled, salesmen adhere to a predetermined route, visiting all designated beats. Alternatively, with PJP disabled, salesmen have the flexibility to choose their beats or skip some, optimizing their workflow to meet targets conveniently. This enhancement empowers users and companies alike to efficiently manage, track, and elevate salesmen’s activity and productivity. 


Offering Enhanced Flexibility– Enable/Disable the PJP Visit Along with Multiple Configurations


4. Enabling Dynamic Task ManagementSeamlessly Assign, Add or Remove Salesman from an Ongoing Activity 


Within the updated Botree SFA web application, we have added functionality to allow users to edit ongoing activity, hence improving task management. Admin can now assign activities to new salesman or remove existing salesman from an ongoing sales activity. Salesman will be notified of the changes and new tasks in the SFA app, thereby enabling company or distributors to effectively manage salesforce team.  



Leverage these innovative features to streamline task management, monitor activities, and oversee data effectively. We are confident that these enhancements will empower your sales teams and greatly enhance visibility and overall management. At Botree Software, we are committed to continuously improving and enhancing our product functionalities to drive efficiency and enhance the user experience. Our dedicated team rigorously tests various scenarios and consistently gathers feedback from users to address their needs effectively. 


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