What’s New in Botree DMS: QR Code Invoice, WhatsApp Integration, Product Batch Visibility Configuration, Improved User Experience and More


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Updates in Botree DMS - 8

We’re thrilled to present Version 1.5.0 packed with features and enhancements to elevate your user experience. This release focuses on improving performance, refining existing functionalities, and introducing new capabilities to make your interactions with Botree DMS smoother and more enjoyable than ever before. 


Our team has been hard at work behind the scenes, ensuring that this release not only meets your expectations but also exceeds them. With that in mind, let’s dive into the key highlights of this release: 


Streamlining Retailer-Distributor Payments with QR Code Invoicing 

When making online payments to distributors, retailers frequently encounter challenges when a reference UPI ID/QR code is absent, resulting in the need to contact the distributor for obtaining the UPI ID.


With this new functionality, the distributor’s UPI ID/QR Code is printed on the invoice. Retailers can scan the QR code on the invoice and make the payment.  Additionally, this also reduces the risk of collection fraud and minimizes miscommunication between retailers and distributors regarding online payments.  

Updates in Botree DMS - Botree Software 10

Improving Order Fulfillment and Tracking with WhatsApp Integration

The integration of Botree DMS and WhatsApp brings enhanced benefits for distributors. Once the products are delivered, the retailer automatically receives an order fulfillment report via WhatsApp. Additionally, retailers can also receive instant notifications regarding the latest schemes available.


This solution offers multiple benefits, allowing retailers to conveniently access complete order information in a single message, and improved order tracking. Distributors can send orders in PDF format via WhatsApp, establishing a reliable and documented communication channel. Furthermore, retail supervisors can also easily monitor order quantities and track delivered items, ensuring accuracy between ordered items versus billed quantities.

Updates in Botree DMS 2 - Botree Software

Empowering Retailers with Timely Scheme Updates via WhatsApp 

To eliminate delays in receiving timely information about ongoing/upcoming schemes, we have enabled direct sharing of schemes through WhatsApp.

As soon as schemes are created in the application, retailers receive prompt notifications about them on WhatsApp. This allows retailers to make informed decisions, maximize scheme benefits, and improve overall business operations.

Updates in Botree DMS 3 - Botree Software

Enhancing Data Integration Speed with Optimized API 

We have optimized the API to significantly improve the data integration process between CSNG and SSFA resulting in reduced data sync time. This allows users to access updated data within 15 to 45 minutes of uploading it.  
This optimization also enhances data processing and delivery speed, improving overall system usability and efficiency.

This feature significantly streamlines the data entry process, leading to precise and efficient ETL submissions.

Improving User Experience with Redesigned Price Discount Module 

To enhance the user experience, we have redesigned our price discount module. This new design prioritizes discount selection, placing it at the forefront of the process. Additionally, we have split product selection and customer selection into separate groups, improving clarity and ease of use for the users. 


These UI/UX enhancements streamline the price discount process, providing a more intuitive and efficient workflow for users. Users can navigate through the module with improved ease ultimately enhancing their overall experience.

Updates in Botree DMS - Botree Software 7

Enhancing User Experience with Application Theme and Feature Updates 

In this new version, we have introduced several new features and made changes to the application theme, aiming to provide an improved user experience. The following list highlights the key updates: 


  • Login UI and Theme Enhancement: The login screen has been revamped with a new look and feel, enhancing the overall visual experience for users. 
  • Widgets Magnification: Users can view widget reports on a larger screen by utilizing the magnifying “icon” available on the widgets. This feature allows for a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of the data. 
  • Widgets Report Download: Users can download widget reports in their preferred format directly from the application. This feature enables convenient data sharing and further analysis. 
  • User Profile Editing: Users can edit or change their user grouping within the application. This enhancement allows for greater customization and adaptability to individual user preferences. 


These updates collectively contribute to a more user-friendly interface, empowering users with enhanced functionality, improved data visualization, and greater control over their profile settings. 

Updates in Botree DMS - Botree Software

Empower Your Sales Team to Boost Efficiency

With these recent updates, our primary focus is to boost sales efficiency through the features of our platform. We encourage you to try out these functionalities and share your valuable feedback with us. 


Let’s embark on this journey together and accomplish remarkable milestones.


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