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Market intelligence and insights platform​

RSMarket(i) is a fully integrated digital platform, that allows all stakeholders to participate in the connected retail universe in real-time. It is essentially a data superhighway which connects retailers, brands, consumers, lenders, and other stakeholder on a unified ‘Analytics on Demand’ platform.
The platform consolidates data from Transaction (off-take), Loyalty (shopper/CRM), and uses it in tandem with data streams such as internal sales data, social networking data sets to generate insights for the business across the shopper pyramid.
  • Insights derived realtime from 6000+ stores across India
  • SKU level, micro geo level insights
  • Know the shopper, their response and their behaviour
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We have divided the geographical area of the country into hexagonal area blocks and created dynamic models at these small levels which can be dynamically created basis population, size of business or other factors. Thus, we can help companies drive micro strategy at these hexagon levels.

With the Secondary Sales and Tertiary Sales data sources available with us, we have enough information on all brands, outlets, and geographies for creating algorithmic business strategies.

Realtime intelligence

Get the pulse of the market

Brand performance

Access to market data to track and monitor the brand performance and to know exactly the market response and market potential.
Know your shopper's response with insights and behavioural analysis

Competition Tracking

Market share volume and value (SAH, VWD) for assessing competition in the subscribed feed
ML based near real time analytics on competition
Set up Early Warning System

Shopper connect

Connect with the shopper at the point of sale and influence their behaviour and monitor their response
- Activating promotions for the target groups to gain/ring-fence market share
- New product launch tracking and response analysis
- Market gap analysis
Intelligence in action

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Intelligence in action

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