Smart sales

Intelligent data based sales strategy

Experience revamping your sales with secondary and tertiary data analytics platform which allows companies to form their sales strategy basis data. Our platform allows companies to know the true market potential and discover white spaces to put your hyperlocal sales strategy in action.
We have divided the geographical area of the country into hexagonal area blocks and created dynamic models at these small levels which can be dynamically created basis population, size of business or other factors. Thus, we can help companies drive micro strategy at these hexagon levels.
With the Secondary Sales and Tertiary Sales data sources available with us, we have enough information on all brands, outlets, and geographies for creating algorithmic business strategies.
  • The world’s largest multi-tenant distribution management system
  • Cloud first, multi principal sales force automation with built in collaboration capabilities
  • Data analytics and machine learning for business, risk and supply chain
  • Software agnostic retail integration with loyalty and hyperlocal ordering capability
  • 6000+ partner stores
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Using secondary data analytics to power your GTM strategy

Intelligent Go To Market

Launch and Expansion

Right location and product mix mapping

Improved trade targeting

Hyperlocal targeting Integration with tertiary sales