Infographics on Price Rise in Consumer Goods

Inflation in Consumer Goods

Over the last ...
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Infographic on Brand Correlation between Shampoo and Conditioners for shoppers

Brand Correlation in Shampoo and Conditioner Purchases?

While the Indian ...
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Coffee vs. Tea Consumption Infographics

What’s India’s Favorite Beverage? Tea or Coffee?

Coffee and Tea ...
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Infographic showing market share of regional biscuit brands

Regional Biscuit Brands and their Market Share

While India has ...
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Fabric Care Products and their Market share Infographic

Fabric Care Products and Their Market Share

Fabric care in ...
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Sanitary Pad Market Infographic In India

Sanitary Pad Brands Marketshare Infographic

Sanitary Pads are ...
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Market Insights, RSMarket , Instant Noodles, Maggi, Top Ramen

Instant Noodles Brands and their Market Share

Instant Noodles, everyone’s ...
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Valentines Day, Chocolate Sales

Valentine’s Day and Chocolates

Valentine’s Day Saw ...
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Shopping mission

Shoppers exhibit different ...
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