Sales Force Automation Overview

Botree’s Sales Force Automation solutions is specifically designed to empower the sales force with the tools and information required to service the retailers while being mobile using platform and form factor agnostic mobile technology. The robust product reduces time taken for on field call execution activities like Order Booking, Collections, Sales returns and capture market feedback through surveys/ questionnaires.

Challenges and Benefits

Specific challenges addressed


  • Lack of visibility of outlet performance history for directing efforts on the right product at the right outlet
  • Delayed order processing due to delay in receiving information from the field
  • Lack of stock holding details at outlet level
  • Critical information about the competition and market not available in structured forms
  • Too much of manual work in collecting orders and converting them to bills
  • Salesmen following their own processes to conduct sales which reduces the impact of sales efforts


  • Salesmen empowered with transaction snapshots of outlets to take informed decisions
  • Improved order to cash cycle
  • Order processing within minutes of receiving orders from the field
  • Reduced stock out situations at retailer points
  • Improved assessment of impact of new product launches, merchandising effectiveness and competition
  • Structured processes to enable uniformity in sales calls

Solutions Offered

Order Booking

Enable order processing within minutes of order capture; ship your orders on the same day & improve the order to cash turnaround time

  • Sync orders to DMS using GPRS/USB
  • Indicators for promo, must sell, focus brands and out of stock SKU’s
  • Promo details visibility during order capture
  • Sales and geographical hierarchies for master data and reporting purposes
  • Suggest orders to the retailers based on sales parameters

Inventory Visibility @ Outlet level

Get visibility of stock positions at retailer points to take informed decisions and reduce stock out situations

  • Focus of specific products through indicators for promo, must sell, focus products
  • Capture stock at SKU or brand level

Market feedback

Obtain information directly from the field through structured and unstructured surveys

  • Survey for brand or promotion performance, impact of new product launches, merchandising effectiveness
  • Capture judgmental feedback from the outlets
  • Obtain critical information about the competition and market in structured formats

Collections Management

Provide salesmen with on hand information about the pending credit in the market and improve order the cash cycle

  • Visibility of ageing of pending payments
  • Make cash or cheque collections from the retailers

New outlet enrollment

Enable salesmen to enroll new outlets and improve width of coverage

  • Capture Geographical position (LAT&LON) to identify potential route coverage
  • Capture other critical attributes to facilitate the distributor to take enrolment decisions
  • Integrate Outlet addition with DMS for Customer approval before transactions