Telecom Overview

Telecom industry in India has had an exponential growth owing to the improvements and adaptation of latest technology in the voice & data transmission side as well as the handset side.

The subscriber base of telecom products have increased with the introduction of Prepaid services, the increase of subscriber base continued due to other new products driven by new technologies like 2G, 3G etc… bringing data transfers which in turn brought the internet on the users mobile devices.

A major role was played by the handset industry in the growth of the subscriber base by bringing in handsets at competitive prices. The growth in this sector was further fueled by the competition among the players in this sector offering a range of products for different sets of users (like student packs, group packs, night packs, SMS packs etc…). For ease of use most of the activities like recharge for prepaid connections, paying postpaid bills etc… have been made online.

Telecom sector uses very high end communication technology, the usage of which is monitored using a host of software applications which work like clockwork from Activation of a new connection to usage monitoring by Circle and different networks. The distribution network in this industry is limited to sale of new connections and for sale of recharge coupons.

The usage of technology also has brought in a completely new segment which is the DTH services. The distribution network in this segment is also involved in service activities apart from selling connections.

Being a dynamic industry and with innovations on product and services offered to consumers changes lightning speed, what this industry requires are good partners who are sound in domain and technology. Botree have garnered this domain knowledge and provided solutions to top Telecom providers.

What Botree has to offer?

Botree’s approach to Telecom industry is through various modes like Off Shore Development using its platform and customizing the solutions based on business dynamics, off the shelf product and customizing the products through road maps and also post implementation support by integrating this solution with various other solutions like Activation Server, Value Added Services Server and bring in one eye view of the business.

bullet_iconDistribution Automation solutions
a. Botree can bring in visibility of the Secondary sales through DMS with complete compliance enactment through Mandatory forms.
b. Integrate for incentives right from Primary to Tertiary information
c. Tracking SUK, Recharge Coupons and LAPU on time and ensure FSE has complete visibility on what he wants.
bullet_iconIntegration between multiple systems like Activation Servers, VAS Servers etc
Botree’s solution can collaborate with other systems to transfer real time data to collate the data and show the reports in Botree systems as a consolidated view
bullet_iconVisibility of data
Botree Solution provides Data Visibility at Primary, Secondary & Tertiary levels which can be made available to the user.