The Story Behind Our Rebranding: Hear it from our CEO, Keyur Maniar


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the story behind our rebranding, Keyur maniar

It’s been over a month since we revealed our new brand logo, marking the beginning of the #BoldNewBotree Era.

And the response we got to our rebranding launch? Absolutely phenomenal! We extend our heartfelt gratitude for all the appreciation and unwavering support you’ve shown us. This transformative journey and the achievements we’ve attained wouldn’t have been possible without acknowledging the backbone of Botree Software: our dedicated workforce—the foundation and driving energy behind our success and future endeavors.


Our product suite

Standing tall with the confidence of more than 60 blue-chip clients, alongside a community that thrives on inclusive growth —this rebranding is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and integrity ingrained within the essence of Botree Software.

What’s the story behind our rebranding? What’s in store for our customers and our employees in the #BoldNewBotree Era? Hear our CEO, Keyur Maniar, walk you through the story and inspiration behind our rebranding, in this blog.


But before we step into the rebranding story, let’s rewind to recollect the inspiration behind the genesis of Botree Software. 


The Origin 

The origin of Botree Software is inspired by Gautama Buddha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, hence the name Botree (Bodhi + Tree).


25 years ago, we started with a vision-to enable businesses, gain visibility and control over their sales and business operations.

Founded in 1997, Botree Software was one of the few companies to offer enterprise-grade distribution management software solutions aimed at resolving the complexities in distribution and retail execution management. This saw initial resistance from distributors, who were hesitant to grant control over their operations to companies. However, early adoption by leading FMCG companies like Hindustan Unilever, Nestle India, Amul changed the scope for IT enabled solutions, making IT a necessity of today’s business.


Why the Rebranding?

why rebranding

As the needs of the supply chain business evolve with changing consumer behaviors and technological advancements, there is a need for change and change is a sign of growth.

To power our customers with the pace of change, we have undergone an internal transformational journey, introduced new products, and innovative solutions, that enable our customers to scale with the advantage of data and digital strength.


Over recent quarters, we acquired new customers, garnered accolades and recognition from leading industry forums, and persistently enhanced our product ecosystem with robust governance, risk management, and compliance measures to ensure outstanding outcomes for our customers.


Marking this growth, with our commitment and redefined vision to map ourselves across the globe and exponentially scaling our solutions to multiple verticals and industries. Reflecting on the same lines, we are announcing; 

A refreshed ‘brand look and feelincluding a new logo, refreshed color palettes, and revamped website, encapsulating Botree’s journey from a budding enterprise to a mature, innovative force in providing cutting-edge solutions within the DMS, SFA, and Analytics landscape. 

  • Our new logo is a modern representation of the Bodhi tree, signifying the power of our product suite, symbolizing growth and modernity.  
  • The colors form a harmonious palette that speaks the modern language of Botree Software — confident, mature, and bold in tune with the times.  
  • The website is designed with a customer-first approach, offering a seamless overview of our suite of products and an interactive user experience.  

Reflecting on our redefined vision and onward journey at Botree Software, our CEO, Keyur Maniar, expressed his vision for the rebranding, saying, “Botree Software is in the midst of a hyper-growth phase. Our rebranding signals our growth, maturity, and readiness to embrace the future and our goal to continue to be the market leaders in DMS, SFA, and Analytics solutions. #BoldNewBotree is not just a slogan; it’s our mantra for the next phase of Botree Software’s journey.”


the story behind our re branding


What’s in stake for our customers and employees in the #BoldNewBotree Era? 

Inclusive Growth is the mantra in the #BoldNewBotree Era.


With the rebranding, we aim to boldly proclaim to our customers our transformation journey and our commitment to leading them forward with us. Striding strong together with our force of 650+ employees, we are embarking on a path of growth and evolution.


Weaving success stories for companies across diverse verticals, we take pride in being referred to as-the ‘Leader in Distribution Management and Sales Force Automation Solutions,’ ‘Go-to-Sales Automation Provider,’ and in being recognized as one of the Great Places to Work in India by Great Place To Work®. 


In a statement, Keyur Maniar, CEO of Botree Software, emphasized, “We are delighted to be certified as a Great Place to Work. This is a testament to our core values, culture, and harmonious work environment that is helping us to move forward at high velocity. This Certification is a tribute to all our colleagues. I couldn’t be more proud.”


The rebranding is not a one-time event but a commitment to ongoing evolution. Our periodic reviews and adaptation guidelines ensure that Botree Software remains aligned with market trends, emerging technologies, and the evolving needs of our users. This hints to our new tangible goal that seeks to actively target customers beyond FMCG who are looking for scalable, innovative, and impactful solutions that drive growth.


Embrace the #BoldNewBotree Era – Click here 

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