Unlock New Levels of Efficiency with Botree SFA: WhatsApp Calling, Brand-wise Targets, Enhanced MOQ Functionality and more


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We’re thrilled to introduce a series of powerful enhancements designed to boost your sales efficiency and streamline your workflow. Whether you’re a sales manager looking to track performance metrics or a sales rep aiming to close deals faster, our new features are crafted to elevate your experience.  


Let’s dive into our top 3 exciting updates for the month! 

1. Introducing the New WhatsApp Calling Option  


We’ve integrated a WhatsApp calling feature directly into the sales rep tracker screen.  


Botree SFA

With this updated feature you (supervisor) can now quickly check-in with your team and initiate a call to the respective salesperson directly through the Botree SFA app. Simply click on the WhatsApp icon next to a sales rep’s name and it’s that easy to connect! 


This added flexibility and convenience enhances real-time communication and support thus boosting on-ground efficiency. 

2. Streamlining Order Booking with Flexible MOQ Functionality 


We’ve enhanced our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) functionality to make your order booking process smoother and more flexible. Now, your sales team can place orders irrespective of MOQ, boosting sales and efficiency. 


Why is this important?  


Imagine you’re a sales rep handling a bulk order for a key retailer who wants 80 bottles of shampoo along with other items. As you proceed with the order, you notice there is a MOQ of at least 100 bottles applied for the shampoo bottle. Due to this restriction, you are unable to process the order, causing delays and potential frustration. 


Situations like these can lead to missed opportunities and unhappy customers. 


But not anymore! 


With our new flexible MOQ functionality, you can now bypass these hurdles and keep the order process smooth and efficient. Sales reps can now place orders even if they don’t meet the MOQ. For example, you can order 50 units of a product with an MOQ of 100 and still proceed. If MOQ validation is enabled, the system will notify you if the order quantity is below the defined MOQ.  


This enhancement ensures efficient, real-time adjustments without compromising order accuracy or speed. Enjoy a more streamlined order booking process with our flexible MOQ functionality.


3. Seamlessly Track and View Target vs. Achievement to Boost Sales Productivity 


Tracking achievements against actual sales has never been easier with Botree SFA! 


Our latest enhancement to the Botree SFA application includes new functionalities that allow users to seamlessly upload sales targets based on various levels, such as:


  • User personas (DSR, MDSR, etc.) 
  • Retailer-wise 
  • Brand-wise 
  • Product-wise 


With real-time tracking of achievements, now empower your sales team with smart and clear sales targets that help them stay on track and boosts productivity. This enhanced visibility promotes accountability and efficiency, driving your business towards unparalleled growth and success.



And that’s a wrap of our product update blog. Embrace these updates to unlock new levels of efficiency and drive your business towards greater success. Stay ahead of the competition with Botree SFA, where innovation meets practicality.  


We’re excited to see how these features will enhance your workflow and contribute to your growth. Happy selling! 

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Priyanka Allu

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