Unlock New Sales Opportunities by Seamlessly Capturing On-Demand Phone Orders from Retailers


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Seize the order and convert each opportunity into sales with the Botree SFA application! 


In today’s highly competitive retail environment, every opportunity is a golden one. Ensuring you are on top of your retailers’ needs and offer quick service is essential for brands to gain a competitive edge and maintain stronger retailer relationships.


The Challenge 

Traditional SFA applications limit sales reps to strict PJPs (Planned Journey Plans) and geo-fencing boundaries, preventing them from taking orders outside their assigned routes. This leads to missed opportunities and frustrated retailers who are unable to meet the growing consumer demands on time.


Let’s examine this in a typical retail setting:  

Imagine a pharmacy owner facing a surge in demand for paracetamol tablets due to sudden climate change. Stocks run out faster than usual, leaving the retailer in urgent need of replenishment. Failing to meet this demand not only means lost business but also risks losing loyal customers. To prevent such a scenario, the retailer promptly contacts the sales representative to place an urgent order.


However, since this demand is unplanned and not part of the salesperson’s schedule for the day, it becomes challenging for them to visit the retailer’s location and take orders as usual. To address the urgent need, the rep takes the order offline, bypassing the system.


Scenarios like this are all too common in retail. Failing to meet urgent demands can harm your brand’s reputation, weaken retailer relationships, and result in lost data control, increasing the risk of manipulation and fraud.


But Not Anymore!


Introducing Phone Orders in the Botree SFA Application 

Say goodbye to route limitations and hello to flexibility in retail sales!

Our new feature allows your sales team to capture phone orders from any outlet, anytime, addressing immediate retailer needs and product shortages.

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Now retailers no longer need to wait for the next visit to place orders. By empowering sales reps to act on these on-demand orders, you boost customer satisfaction with rapid service and streamline your data management.

Increase your order fulfillment rate and enhance your retailer experience with Botree SFA.


Just login to your SFA application, head over to the navigation bar. You will find Phone Orders module. All you need to do is enter the order details, and submit. It’s as simple as that.

Your distributor will be notified of the new order placed and you can complete the requirement and delight your customers with increased order fulfillment rate. 


Struggling to Meet Modern Consumer Demand? We’ve got you covered!


At Botree Software, we’re dedicated to continuous improvement, providing you with tools that keep pace with market demands and trends. Enhance your customer experience and drive sales growth seamlessly with Botree SFA.

But don’t just take our word for it!


Hear our users share insights on how Botree Suite of Products simplifies their day-to-day work and operational activities. Join our force of over 32,000 salespeople who rely on Botree SFA every day to boost their sales and profits – Check Video

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