Unveiling the Latest Enhancements in Botree SFA


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In the dynamic realm of business, adaptation to evolving trends and technologies is paramount for success. At Botree Software, we are committed to ensuring our clients stay ahead of the curve. Our dedication to continuous improvement guarantees that our customers benefit from robust tools that evolve with technological advancements and business expansion.


In this month’s product release notes, we’re thrilled to introduce our top three enhancements to Botree SFA. Dive into the exciting features designed to elevate the user experience, enhance work efficiency, and drive sales growth.


1. Real-Time Data Tracking and Comparison


Say goodbye to the hassle of downloading individual reports!


With our enhanced dashboard, gain a comprehensive view of real-time insights, including usage summaries, productivity metrics, and current user activities. Analyze data effortlessly across different timeframes and sales hierarchy levels to identify business gaps, optimize operations, and more. Leverage data analytics to make strategic data-driven decisions to boost productivity and sales growth.


2. Increased Order Fulfillment with Van-to-Van Sales Transfer


Simplify your van sales process and reduce distribution costs by enabling your sales team to request additional stock instantly for on-demand orders or during stock shortages. Leverage the route optimization map view to locate nearby vans and their available stock levels, ensuring swift order fulfillment.


This streamlined approach not only accelerates delivery times but also strategically minimizes distribution expenses associated with van transportation and fuel, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.


Discover more about this functionality in our latest feature update blog –  Click link


3. Enhanced Outstanding Management for Sales Boost


Configure Credit Limit to strategically manage credit thresholds and notify your sales team promptly through pop-up alerts if retailers exceed their assigned limits while billing. This enhancement not only improves visibility for your sales reps but also provides you with greater control over outstanding checks from retailers.


Additionally, strengthen retailer relationships and boost sales with customized settings. Now, you can define whether sales reps can place orders and bill beyond credit limits. If enabled for a specific outlet, a passcode will be sent to the supervisor, allowing orders to be processed accordingly.



These updates underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Botree Software!

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