What’s New in Botree DMS: Vehicle Load Summary, Van Sales integration, Real-time Credit Note Notifications and More


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Our latest product update brings a suite of enhancements designed to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and empower businesses to make informed decisions. We’ll delve into the key features and benefits of these upgrades, highlighting how they can simplify the way you manage your distribution operations. 


1. Streamline Deliveries for Enhanced Efficiency with a Vehicle Load Summary 

Businesses require a comprehensive summary of items loaded in a vehicle, including their quantities. The “vehicle load summary” offers a more detailed breakdown of the products loaded in a vehicle for deliveries on the load sheet. This summary includes information about the types and quantities of products loaded, regardless of the number of orders and invoices. 


For example, if Retailer A orders 100 cartons of biscuits and 10 cases of soft drinks and Retailer B orders 50 cartons of biscuits and 40 cases of soft drinks, Now, with the “Vehicle Load Summary,” you get a consolidated view. In this case, the summary will show that 150 cartons of biscuits and 50 cases of soft drinks are loaded onto the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how many separate orders and invoices there are; the summary gives you a comprehensive view of what’s in the vehicle. 



This enhancement improves visibility, helps ensure accurate deliveries, streamlines inventory management, and enhances customer satisfaction. It also provides valuable operational insights over time, making it a significant improvement for businesses involved in the distribution process.  


2. Improving Retailer Relations with Real-Time Credit Note Notifications 

In this release, Botree DMS introduces notifications to retailers when credit notes are generated. Retailers can receive updates via WhatsApp, email, or SMS. Distributors can also make adjustments to the retailer’s credit note during billing or sales return processes, with detailed information shared through the chosen notification method.  

For example, if a retailer has a 1 lakh rupee credit and makes a 60k purchase. After distributor adjustments, the retailer is notified: “You’ve used 60K of your credit note; your balance is 40K. 


This notification system empowers retailers by keeping them informed about their credit notes with ample details, enabling them to plan their purchases effectively. It enhances transparency and visibility, leading to better decision-making for retailers. 


3. Enhance Scheme Management with Maker-Checker Approval 

Managing schemes is complex, especially when decentralizing scheme creation without an approval process. In the latest version, we have introduced the “Scheme Approval-Maker Checker” enhancement. The central admin user of the company can designate scheme creators and their respective approvers. When a scheme is created, it notifies the checker for approval. If the scheme details are accurate, the checker can confirm them, making the scheme effective as per its defined date. Conversely, if the information is inadequate, the checker can reject the scheme, preventing it from taking effect. 


This feature simplifies scheme management, enhances accuracy, and significantly improves efficiency by ensuring that schemes undergo a thorough validation process before implementation. 


4. Displaying MRP for Free Products in Schemes 

In previous versions, when a product was offered for free as part of a scheme, its MRP appeared as zero on the billing screen and invoice. In the latest software version, the MRP of products offered for free within a scheme is now prominently displayed on the billing screen and invoice print.

This feature provides clarity to distributors and retailers regarding the value of the free products included in the scheme. This enhancement ensures consistency in the billing process, allowing distributors to accurately determine the price of free products provided, enhancing transparency in transactions.  


5. Bridging Van Sales and DMS for Enhanced Decision-Making 

The van sales module is integral to the FMCG industry, contributing significantly to distributor sales. In the current release, we’ve successfully integrated the van sales module with the DMS. This integration ensures that sales conducted via vans are synchronised with the DMS, providing users with a consolidated view of overall sales. This enhancement offers distributors and companies a consolidated and holistic view of sales data, encompassing both DMS and van sales. This integration empowers them to make informed and effective decisions aimed at boosting sales performance and optimising their operations. This consolidated data helps identify trends, streamline processes, and optimise operations.   


In Conclusion  

With Botree DMS, you’re at the forefront of distribution and retail management. With these enhancements, we are empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-competitive market. Schedule a demo now and discover how Botree DMS can make your operations smoother and more efficient. 

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