What’s New in Botree DMS: Free Stock Management, Simplified Purchase Orders, Streamlined Damage Return Processes, and more


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We are thrilled to unveil our latest release of Botree DMS, packed with transformative enhancements that will revolutionize the way distributors and companies manage their sales operations. This update is designed to unlock the full potential of your business, empowering you with increased efficiency, accuracy, and control. 


In this release, we have focused on addressing the common challenges faced by distributors and companies alike. Let’s dive into the six updates that will reshape your sales processes:


1. Addressing Stock Shortages of Free Products for Effective Scheme Management 

Distributors face a significant challenge when billing for saleable products in the absence of available free stock. This creates complexities in accurately accounting for undelivered free quantities in invoices.


To address this issue, we have introduced a new enhancement that empowers distributors to seamlessly include undelivered free quantities in their invoices.


With this new update, distributors can include undelivered free quantities in their invoices. Retailers will be promptly informed through a note on the invoice, assuring them that the scheme has been applied and the free product will be shipped separately once it is back in stock. This solution ensures eligible retailers receive their entitled free product and are accurately billed for it as soon as the product becomes available.

Botree CSNG-SaaS 1


2. Simplifying Purchase Order Management through Improved Supply Origin Control

We understand the complexities and time-consuming nature of managing Purchase Orders based on supply origins defined at the SKU level. With this update, we are thrilled to introduce a new solution that eliminates the requirement of splitting Purchase Orders based on supply location. 
This simplifies the procurement process and enables a seamless flow of details to the ERP system, saving time and effort. Say goodbye to complexities and embrace effortless procurement with our SKU-based supply origins solution.


Botree CSNG-SaaS 5


3. Enhancing Billing Efficiency and Inventory Control through Shelf-Life Billing

With the introduction of Shelf-Life Billing, we have addressed the challenges faced during the billing process and stock expiry management. This update offers valuable information on the remaining shelf life of the product, directly accessible on the billing screen, enabling users to effortlessly view the shelf-life days for each item at the batch/SKU level. Shelf-Life Billing thus ensures a smooth and effortless billing process by enabling the selection of the most suitable stock batch. 
By gaining visibility into the shelf life of inventory, user will be empowered to make well-informed decisions and implement optimal stock management strategies. Users can thus streamline the billing process, enhance decision-making capabilities, and take complete control over stock expiration. This advantage puts users in the driver’s seat, ensuring a seamless experience and maximizing the business outcomes.

Botree DMS


4. Optimizing Distributor Operations with Efficient Invoice Management

Previously, distributors faced limitations as they were required to print bills and physically share them with retailers. However, this update eliminates the need for distributors to spend time and resources on printing bills and physically sharing them with retailers, as they can now conveniently send invoices to retailers with a simple click. 
The invoices are efficiently sent in PDF format via email, ensuring readability and providing retailers the flexibility to print or save them for future reference. With this functionality, distributors can streamline their operations and boost overall efficiency. 


Botree CSNG-SaaS 9


5. Streamlining Damage Return Processes for Better Management

Navigating complex menu options and cumbersome processes to handle damaged or shortage quantities is now a thing of the past. With the GRN (Goods Receipt Note) feature, users can effortlessly capture and manage such instances directly on the screen.

With this update, the system automatically generates Purchase Requests (PRs) for any entered damage or shortage quantities, enabling prompt action and resolution. This streamlined process saves valuable time and effort while ensuring accurate stock accounting.  

Botree CSNG-SaaS 14


6. Simplifying Purchase Order Management for Enhanced Operations

To simplify the conversion of Purchase Orders from various Units of Measure (UoMs) into the standard UoM, we have developed a solution. Company users now have the flexibility to seamlessly configure the purchase order UoM at the SKU/Product/Hierarchy level, eliminating the necessity for manual conversions.  
With this update, users can easily specify their desired UoM, resulting in a streamlined order management process, enhanced accuracy, and reduced errors.
 Botree CSNG-SaaS 15


Embrace the Future of Sales Excellence with Botree CSNG-SaaS

We’re thrilled to bring you these exciting updates and enhancements to our revamped Botree DMS. The user feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of our product, and we would love to hear from you. These advancements are designed to empower your sales teams to achieve unprecedented success and drive business growth. We are excited to see how these advancements will revolutionize your sales operations and take sales excellence to new heights. 
Together, let’s embark on this journey of driving sales excellence. 

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