What’s New: View brand-wise distribution data, make MOQ enhancements, standardize sub-stockiest verification and more


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At Botree Software, we are committed to offering our customers continuous improvement and enhanced solutions that enable them to scale along with market trends and technological advancements. In this product update release, we are pleased to announce new product enhancements and functionality updates to our SFA application.  


Elevate your sales pitch with a comprehensive view of brand-wise distribution data

Introducing the latest module, ‘Width of Distribution’, offering salespeople access to data, including billed and unbilled outlets, detailed route and outlet information, all accessible within the application. With these insights at their fingertips, your field sales team can now leverage detailed purchase history and patterns to personalize interactions and drive sales effectively. 


                                                                width of distribution       width of distribution


Streamline Salesperson Activity Data with Additional Fields for an Enhanced Admin View and Tracking


In the latest update, we’ve enhanced our SFA system with additional fields aimed at tracking salesperson market visits and attendance, offering administrators better visibility into sales team activities. With detailed market visit reports now featuring data such as time spent, date, and other information, company users can efficiently gather and analyze pertinent information during their market visits. 

salesperson activity data


Standardize sub-stockiest verification and data integrity through mandatory eKYC Compliance  

Maintaining clear records of sub-stockiest is crucial for businesses. In order to facilitate discrepancies due to the lack of visibility of verified/unverified sub-stockiest data, we have enabled mandatory KYC verification. Salespeople will be notified of the verification status during visits, allowing them to initiate KYC processes for pending verifications. This streamlines information and aids in record-keeping. 


                                             sub stocist verification     sub stocist verification


Maintain a standard order quantity to ensure company’s profitability and recurring value

In the latest release we have updated SFA application, by regularizing Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) standards. As a measure, salespeople will not be able to proceed with an order that does not meet the MOQ value set by the company. Hence reducing the likelihood of incomplete or incorrect orders and enhancing the overall order accuracy and sales.  



Those are our top updates for the month. Do try out these features and functions for an efficient and seamless user experience. For any feedback and ideas on features or functionalities you would like to see in Botree SFA, reach out to us contactus@botree.co.in.

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