Introducing Botree FlexiDMS: Seamless Integration with Distributor’s Accounting Software for Visibility into Last Mile Sales Operations


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Today, we are excited to unveil our latest product, Botree FlexiDMS!


This innovative solution is designed to help you work with distributors who are reluctant to use a company-specific Distribution Management System (DMS) and prefer to operate on their existing accounting software.  

FlexiDMS provides access to and control over your secondary and inventory data. This robust solution can be remotely installed and connects seamlessly with your distributor’s Tally or Busy accounting software. The consistent backend sync automates data extraction and mapping when the distributor is idle, ensuring a smooth transition. This enables you to capture and analyse data without any disruptions to your distributor’s daily operations.  


With complete visibility of your sales and stock details, you can prevent stockouts, plan effective promotions, drive distribution expansion, and boost revenue growth.  


Why do you need Botree FlexiDMS? 


1. Zero Change Management. No Learning Curve:

Your distributors can continue using their accounting software without adopting any new systems.


2. Complete Visibility of Secondary and Inventory Data:

Get access to distributor transactions and inventory details, helping you drive strategic business decisions  


3. AI/ML-powered Auto-Data Mapping and Extraction:

Eliminate manual efforts and minimise errors with AI/ML powered automated data extraction and mapping. This ensures data consistency and reliability throughout the supply chain.  


4. Hassle-Free Installation and Sync:

FlexiDMS is remotely installed into your distributor’s system and connected securely with their Tally or Busy applications. The continuous sync in the backend ensures the data is always up-to-date without interrupting distributor operations.   


5. Reports and Analytics:

Access comprehensive data insights and seamlessly monitor performance against KPIs in the Reports and Analyser portal. 


6. Real-time Notifications:

Empower distributors with timely alerts and detailed information on new schemes, sales orders, and purchase invoices.  



Let’s quickly dive into the product functionalities: 


AI/ML-powered Product Mapping: Unleash the Potential of Smart Decision-Making

Botree FlexiDMS comes with AI/ML capabilities that automatically map products by smartly identifying the patterns and similarities of product data maintained by the distributor and the brand. 


What does this mean for you?  

1. Boosts supply chain efficiency by streamlining product data consistency.

2. Automates data mapping, reducing manual effort and minimising errors. 

3. Smart unit of measurement (UOM) conversions ensure insightful analysis and operational efficiency.  

4. Maintains continuous sync despite product data modifications in distributors’ application. 


Reports and Analyser Portal: Empowering Informed Decision-Making 

Elevate your decision-making process with a visual, 360-degree view of your data landscape.  

1. Comprehensive Insights:

Gain detailed insights with our array of standard reports, which include sales and purchase orders, number of outlets billed, SKU-wise sales, outlet-wise sales, inventory held and more.   

2. Secure and Controlled Access:

Grant specific individuals’ access to the data they require, maintaining a secure environment. 

3. Effortless KPI Tracking:

Monitor performance against KPIs with ease, gaining a bird’s-eye view of your brand’s sales performance through our intuitive feature.



Intuitive Dashboard for Distributors 

FlexiDMS comes with an intuitive dashboard for distributors to monitor and manage their data. It provides a comprehensive view of the billed outlets, transactions and sync summaries, sales, and purchase data, including totals for the current month, last month, and overall. The user-friendly dashboard comes with the following functionalities:  


Effortlessly Manage Schemes  

Distributors can easily view the schemes provided by the brand and also effortlessly execute them while generating invoices.  



Stay Ahead with Smart Alerts  

With an intelligent alert system, your distributors receive timely notifications on new schemes, sales orders, and invoices on a built-in dashboard.  

Unlock secondary data without interrupting distributor operations with AI/ML-powered FlexiDMS today.

About the Author

Meet Nimisha Karanam, our dynamic and creative product marketer. With a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and a passion for technology and creativity, Nimisha offers a unique perspective in her role. Beyond work, she enjoys exploring new destinations and cozy cafes, finding inspiration for her creative endeavors.

Nimisha Karnam

Product Marketer


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