Botree DMS is updated with new features and functionalities!


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December 3

At Botree DMS, we are committed to offering you reliable solutions and continuous improvement. One of the ways we ensure continuous improvement is by refining our product features and functionalities to enhance the user experience, streamline operations, and simplify management. In this update, I have listed the top 5 new features and enhancements we have added to the latest Botree DMS application.


1. Optimizing Stock Management and Liquidity

Managing stocks that are nearing expiration is equally important as managing new stocks. Introducing the new “Stock Expiry Report” and “Liquidation Scheme” in Botree DMS. Users can now take necessary actions based on the data generated, apply for schemes, or make informed business decisions in real-time to effectively minimize potential losses and boost sales and profits.


2. Unlocking Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Adding more power to reports with new filters pertaining to customer and product attributes. Users can now analyze and filter data by keying in specific attributes to generate comprehensive reports and make informed business decisions.


3. Preventing Duplicate Price Discounts with Enhanced Alert System


We have just updated the Botree DMS with an enhanced alert system to restrict users from creating multiple or duplicate price discounts for the same product. Users will now be notified by a validation pop-up in case of duplicate discount  creation, thus minimizing confusion.


4. Enhancing Outlet Visibility and Details

We’ve significantly improved outlet visibility and details to facilitate smoother outlet approval processes. Users can now get a complete overview of outlet information, such as store images, outlet status reports, distributor names, etc., across all channels, including SFA, within the Botree DMS application.


5. Synchronized Sales Return Dates for Precision


The recent enhancement in the Botree DMS brings accuracy and reliability to the sales return process by synchronizing the sales return date with the day the distributor confirms it in the DMS, eliminating inconsistencies and ensuring precise tracking of sales returns.




That concludes our product update. Stay tuned for regular updates on Botree DMS right here. We appreciate your continued interest and look forward to sharing more exciting developments in the future.

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