Botree DMS Product Update: Centralized Scheme Budget, Lock Sale by Shelf-Life, and more


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We’ve enhanced the Botree DMS application with new features and functionalities aimed at improving tracking, approval processes, and user activity management to offer you a seamless product experience. Let’s dive into the details of this month’s product update.  


Centralize scheme budget limit to regulate scheme utilization


In order to govern the utilization of schemes and boost profit margins, we’ve upgraded the scheme application feature by incorporating a budget limit. Companies can now establish a scheme budget limit, gaining control over its utilization. This improvement simplifies the monitoring of scheme usage for users, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of the company’s profit margin. 



Enhancing Profitability through Shelf Life-based Sales Lock Optimization


Introducing the ‘Lock Sales by Shelf Life’ functionality update in the latest release with an aim to optimize profitability and minimize return rates. Within the upgraded Botree DMS Application, companies can now set restrictions and lock sale of stocks nearing expiry based on shelf-life, thus minimizing returns and unnecessary transportation costs for both the distributor and the company. 



Improving Scheme Applicability with Customer Attribute Conditional Selection  


Introducing Advanced ‘Customer Attribute Selection’ in Scheme and Price Discount Application within Botree DMS application. The advanced feature enables companies to apply schemes at outlets based on specific attributes or a combination of attributes, utilizing ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ conditions. Thus, offering companies with increased flexibility in applying schemes and enhancing user experience with the precise selection of outlets based on their attributes. 



Enhanced Attribute Master with Dynamic Picklist Options


The latest enhancement within the attribute master in Botree DMS, enables company administrators to effortlessly add additional attributes and options to an existing dropdown field. This enhancement streamlines the user experience, ensuring the attribute master remains adaptable to evolving requirements. 



Introducing the Construct Module in DMS for Streamlined Target and Incentive Management 


The latest release introduces the innovative “Construct Module” in the DMS Application. This module provides a structured methodology for defining targets and incentives, allowing companies to specify targets for various measures and link incentives to the achievement of these targets, thereby enhancing overall performance management and boost user motivation and focus.  





That wraps up our product update. Keep an eye out for regular updates on Botree DMS here. We value your ongoing interest and anticipate sharing more thrilling developments in the coming days. 


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