New Launch: Enhanced Botree Mobile DMS Setting the Standard for Rural Market Expansion


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Today, we are thrilled to introduce the upgraded Botree Mobile DMS application, carefully crafted to support enterprises like yours in delving deep into rural markets and extending their outreach to a wider customer base.


The rural market has witnessed a significant rise in the number of smartphone users with internet connectivity in the recent past. A mobile version of the distribution management system plays a crucial role in amplifying the efficiency, visibility, and reach of distributors in small towns and rural markets, thereby assisting companies like yours in expanding their footprints in these areas.

The improved Botree Mobile DMS offers an intuitive user interface along with a comprehensive range of functionalities, helping you reduce operational costs, make informed decisions based on of sales and stock data, and devise strategies tailored to the specific needs of your consumers.


Let’s delve into the key functionalities that make Mobile DMS a game-changer for distributors in every market, especially in the challenging landscape of rural markets. 


Mobile DMS

New User Interface: A Fresh Look, Intuitive Experience

We understand the importance of simplicity and user-friendly interfaces, especially in the fast-paced world of distribution. Our new user interface is designed with you in mind, providing an intuitive and visually appealing platform that simplifies navigation and enhances overall usability. Say goodbye to complex interfaces and hello to a smoother, more enjoyable workflow.


Inventory Management: Stay in Control, Anytime, Anywhere

Botree Mobile DMS empowers your distributors with real-time access to stock availability information. Accurate, up-to-date information ensures that you are always in control, minimizing the risk of stockouts or overstock situations.


Purchase Order Management: Streamlined and Efficient

Botree Mobile DMS streamlines the purchase order process, allowing your distributors to place and manage orders seamlessly. With the convenience of mobile devices, your field staff can input orders directly into the system, reducing errors and ensuring that orders are processed promptly. Seamless management of purchase orders, invoices, sales returns, payments, and more ensures efficiency in the supply chain.

Purchase Order

Scheme Management: Tailor-Made for Success

Boost your sales strategies with Mobile DMS’s scheme management features. Tailor promotions and schemes to suit the specific needs of your customers and market segments. Whether you’re rolling out discounts or free products, our platform ensures that you can monitor, adjust, implement, and manage schemes effortlessly, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

Scheme & Claims

Claim Management: Streamlined Processing, Faster Results

Managing claims can be a tedious process, but not with Botree Mobile DMS. The end-to-end claim management system simplifies the process for distributors, allowing them to effortlessly submit and track claims. Your distributors can raise individual claims that are consolidated into a monthly Claim Top Sheet, promoting transparency and clarity. Botree Mobile DMS further simplifies data entry with auto-populated scheme claims, and salvage claims that reduce manual effort and minimize errors.


Reports: Data-Driven Decision Making at Your Fingertips

Empower your business with actionable insights through Mobile DMS’s comprehensive reporting capabilities. Access real-time data on sales trends, inventory levels, and much more, which helps make informed business decisions. 

  1. Detailed Sales Reports: Gain valuable insights into sales performance by tracking day/week, channel/class, retailer, and product-wise sales, helping maintain optimal stock levels and devise effective sales strategies with graphical representation and provision to share the same.
  2. Efficient Invoice Management: Mobile DMS streamlines outstanding invoice tracking, ensuring smooth cash flow and financial stability for both companies and distributors.
  3. GSTR Reports: The system simplifies tax compliance by enabling the generation and emailing of GSTR Reports, reducing tax-related errors.
  4. Supply Chain Insights: Mobile DMS provides a holistic view of the distribution supply chain, allowing companies to assess coverage, monitor sales team productivity, and gain essential stock-related information. This comprehensive perspective enhances decision-making and operational efficiency.

Analytics & Insights

In conclusion, the enhanced Botree Mobile DMS embraces the future of distribution management with a user-friendly interface, robust inventory and order management, scheme options, efficient claim processing, and powerful reporting capabilities. Elevate your distribution game with Mobile DMS — where innovation meets efficiency. Get ready for a new era of distribution management excellence! Request a demo today. 

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