How good is a weekend for FMCG sales?


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The sales strategy needs to predict the consumer’s daily demand and keep the weekly distribution cycle in sync with it. So, we looked at the trends at our partner grocery stores across India to bring to you the variation at the overall level. While it is common knowledge that weekends are when consumers shop, Saturday sales do not agree with it. While we did see the spike in demand on Sunday which records 11% more sales than the rest of the days; Saturday sales are in fact lower than Wednesday’s. Shoppers seem to rest or do other things on Saturday than shop for groceries.

Overall, the week starts low with Monday seeing the lowest sales. The sales rise on Tuesday and Wednesday but then come down on Thursday. In fact, Thursday sales are at par with Monday’s. Perhaps, consumers tend to push purchases to weekends than to shop on Thursday. The trends do vary for different categories or sub-categories and for brands as well as for areas. If you want to know more, reach us.


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