What’s New in Botree DMS: Automated Approvals, Transportation Costs, and More


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We are excited to unveil the latest updates of Botree DMS. We’ve fine-tuned and enhanced various aspects of the DMS to empower users with streamlined processes, automation, and improved functionalities.

Let’s dive into the exciting updates


1. Automated Approvals for Efficient Workflow

In our latest update, we’ve introduced an automated approval system to address workflow bottlenecks caused by inactive approvers. Now, if the designated approver is marked as “inactive,” the system automatically grants approval for various actions like claims and retailer additions. For example, if a claim requires multiple approval levels and the first-level approver is inactive, the system automatically approves it at the initial level and forwards it to the next active approver. This feature ensures seamless transaction flow, reduces bottlenecks, and improves operational efficiency, enhancing user experience and maintaining compliance with policies and regulations.



2. Seamless E-Invoice Generation

Now, after billing and delivery, distributors can easily generate e-invoices with IRN (Invoice Reference Number) and QR codes in a single click directly within DMS. We have integrated with third-party application that automates the entire process, eliminating the need for manual steps and significantly enhancing efficiency in managing invoices and delivery processes.


3. Optimizing Transportation Costs with Set MOQ

When dealing with transportation costs, it is necessary for a Purchase Order to meet a minimum value and volume to be cost-effective for transportation. Company users now have the ability to set Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) at the Purchase Order (PO) level, ensuring more efficient management of procurement and transportation costs. For instance, if a company sets a minimum PO quantity of 20 cartons and a distributor’s PO totals 18 cartons, the system alerts the distributor, preventing the completion of the PO until it meets the minimum quantity. This feature guarantees that POs adhere to minimum thresholds, ultimately leading to more cost-effective transportation for the company.


4. Time-Efficient Reporting in RNA

In response to the need for efficiency, our latest RNA version offers a solution to the problem of repetitive filtering tasks. Users can now save filtered versions of reports, eliminating the need to reapply filters for the same analysis. This enhancement streamlines report access and significantly reduces time spent on repetitive tasks, allowing users to focus on more productive activities.


5. Efficient Handling of Damaged Stock in Goods Receipts

In our latest release, we’ve simplified the goods receipt process by allowing distributors to specify damaged and excess items along with their quantities right in the Goods Receipt Note (GRN). This eliminates the need to first accept damaged stock and then handle it as unsaleable, saving time and reducing administrative complexities. This enhancement streamlines operations, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of transactions needed to manage damaged stock, ultimately enhancing overall efficiency for the distributors.


6. Simplified Tax Compliance for 0% GST Products

Companies can now issue a separate “Bill of Supply” for products with 0% GST. The enhancement allows company users to configure whether the Bill of Supply should be enabled or disabled for such products during billing. This ensures that 0% GST products are printed on a distinct Bill of Supply instead of a regular tax invoice, aligning with government regulations. This update streamlines tax calculations for both distributors and company users, maintaining compliance and providing well-organized records for a smoother billing process.



7. PO vs GRN Report for Efficient Order Tracking in RNA

Tracking order status is crucial for effective business operations. In our latest RNA release, we’ve addressed the challenge of order status tracking by introducing a new PO vs. GRN report. Now, both company users and distributors can effortlessly compare purchase orders with Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), ensuring transparency in transaction status. For instance, if a distributor orders 10 products but receives only 8, the report provides a clear view of the order fulfillment. This feature enhances visibility and offers users a quick and transparent insight into purchase orders and billed quantities, improving overall transaction monitoring efficiency.



8. Customised Schemes for Targeted Approach in Scheme Master

We’ve enhanced the scheme master control in MDM by introducing “Customer Attribute.” This addition allows company users to define scheme masters specifically for retailers categorized based on custom parameters stored as attributes in the Retailer Master. For instance, if a company wants to offer a scheme to outlets in areas with a population of more than 5K, stored as an attribute, they can now filter and apply the scheme only to those outlets. This feature enables a more strategic and customer-centric approach in using the scheme master control, enhancing the company’s ability to tailor schemes based on customer attributes for targeted impact.


9. Bridging Gaps for Super Distributors with Sales Returns Integration

In our latest release, we’ve streamlined the process for super distributors by automatically reflecting approved purchase returns from distributors as sales returns in the super distributor’s system. This enhancement eliminates the need for manual entry, providing super distributors with real-time visibility and efficient management of sales returns initiated by distributors. The automated process saves time and reduces the manual workload for super distributors, ensuring a more streamlined and effective system.


In conclusion

Our latest DMS product updates significantly improve overall workflow, reduce manual efforts, and ensure compliance with evolving regulations. We’re here to empower your teams and make your business more efficient and productive. 

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