What’s New in Botree DMS: Product Grouping, Price Discount Attributes, Collection Report, Price Discount-ETL Integration, and More


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Product update

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of Botree DMS. Introducing a suite of upgraded features designed to streamline various aspects of your distribution operations. These upgrades are strategically engineered to amplify efficiency, accuracy, and customization, driving your business to success. 

Let’s dive into the exciting new updates. 

1. Simplifying Price Discount Management with ETL Integration   

To tackle the complexities of price discount setup, our latest release introduces the “Price Discount ETL” feature. With this enhancement, business users can now effortlessly create and configure price discounts by downloading an Excel file. Leveraging the power of ETL integration, multiple price discounts can be swiftly generated and linked to distributors or sales hierarchies. The prepared Excel file, enriched with price discount details, can then be effortlessly uploaded via the ETL interface to seamlessly configure the desired price discount master. 

The Price Discount ETL feature offers users a more efficient and user-friendly approach to price discount creation that saves time and enhances accuracy. This advantage proves especially beneficial when users require the simultaneous creation of intricate and numerous price discounts. 

CSNG scheme management


CSNG scheme management


2. Seamless Product Grouping for Enhanced Customization and Reporting 

Businesses often require the flexibility to create independent product groups for targeted promotions and custom reporting. With “Product Grouping”, businesses can now effortlessly create and manage independent product groups, irrespective of existing product hierarchies. 


Furthermore, we’ve gone a step further by enabling distinct product group mapping for different distributors or retailers. This innovative approach allows a single product to belong to different groups for various distributors or retailers, catering to diverse business scenarios.


The Product Grouping feature offers businesses: 

Enhanced Control: Unprecedented control over product grouping strategies, enabling precise alignment with specific business requirements. 

I. Flexible Customization: The ability to create and manage independent product groups tailored for targeted promotions and reporting, regardless of existing product hierarchies 

II. Streamlined Reporting: The capability to streamline reporting by focusing on specific product groups leads to more insightful and accurate data analysis. 

III. Focused Promotions: Enable businesses to target marketing efforts with laser-focused targeting on specific product groups. 

IV. Intuitive Order Management: A more streamlined and intuitive order management process where sales teams can easily filter and select products based on designated product groups 

Furthermore, the product groups can seamlessly integrate into the Sales Force Automation (SFA) platform, facilitating data filtering during order placement and related transactions. 

Botree DMS Product grouping


3. Strategic Price Discounts Based on Customer Attributes 

Businesses often categorise their retailers based on custom attributes captured in the Retailer Master. Our innovative solution empowers you to strategically categorise retailers based on custom attributes, enabling tailored price discounts that resonate with your customer segments. 

With the inclusion of the “Customer Attribute” filter in the price discount master, businesses can seamlessly identify and target specific outlets that match attribute-based criteria. For example, suppose your company aims to offer a price discount to outlets situated in areas with a population exceeding 5,000. In that case, this can be easily achieved by applying a filter that considers the attribute “population > 5K.” 

The significance of this categorization lies in its ability to enable price discounts for carefully selected outlets or customers. This fosters a customer-centric approach to your pricing strategies, allowing you to address the unique needs and characteristics of different customer segments. 

Botree DMS Price discount by customer attributes


4. Simplified Retailer-SKU Segmentation 

Distributors often manage diverse product lines, yet retailers may have authorization to purchase only specific categories. This discrepancy leads to unnecessary complexity during billing as the system displays products beyond a retailer’s authorised range, potentially resulting in inaccurate transactions.


To tackle this solution, we introduced SKU Line Master, which empowers company users to establish distinct SKU Line categories aligned with specific product hierarchies. These SKU Line Masters are then seamlessly linked to their respective retailers. As a result, when distributors create billing invoices for retailers, the system applies a filter that exclusively showcases products within the retailer’s authorised categories.


This streamlined approach not only elevates billing accuracy by preventing the inclusion of unauthorised items but also accelerates the entire billing process. 


5. Empowering Financial Visibility with an Advanced Collection Report    

Gain unparalleled insights into outstanding payments and market collections with the advanced Collection report, a potent addition to the RnA portal. This innovative feature equips businesses with the capability to design and tailor collection reports to their preferences. The Collection Report serves as a navigational compass, enabling businesses to effortlessly track payment receipts and pending amounts from customers. By facilitating intuitive report layouts, businesses can now take charge of their financial data with ease. 

This newfound transparency facilitates more informed decision-making, streamlined financial tracking, and enhanced financial control. The ability to customise report layouts adds a layer of flexibility, enabling businesses to align the collection report precisely with their unique operational requirements.

Empowering Financial Visibility with an Advanced Collection Report

6. Revolutionising Scheme Management with MRP-Based Claims 

In the realm of Scheme Management, businesses orchestrate a multitude of complex offers, conditions, and eligibility criteria. Unleash the potential of MRP-based scheme claims in your promotional arsenal. 

With the inclusion of MRP-based claims into the scheme master screen, businesses can now seamlessly create and manage schemes tailored to MRP considerations, diversify marketing strategies, and enhance their promotional activities. This feature matches the current scheme options and brings more versatility to planning schemes. Unlock the potential of MRP-based schemes to enhance promotions with greater flexibility and customization. 

Revolutionising Scheme Management with MRP-Based Claims


7. Streamlined Scheme Distribution with a Multi-Recipient Scheme 

Streamline the challenge of distributing the same scheme across diverse distribution channel entities, such as distributors, sub-distributors, and super-stockists, with the Multi-Recipient Scheme feature. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of duplicating scheme creation. Now, business users can effortlessly designate multiple discount recipients within a single scheme. This innovation allows a single scheme to effortlessly span various distribution channel entities, eliminating the need for repetitive and time-consuming scheme duplication. 

By centralising this approach, businesses can optimise resource allocation, minimise redundancy, and streamline operations. The valuable time and effort once expended on repetitive tasks can now be redirected into more productive endeavours, driving business growth and innovation.


 Streamlined Scheme Distribution with a Multi-Recipient Scheme  

Empower your Distribution team to boost efficiency. 

In conclusion, discover Botree DMS’s latest updates, which are designed to optimise efficiency, enhance accuracy, and amplify your reach in the competitive market landscape. Are you ready to redefine your business operations? Schedule a demo now and discover how Botree DMS can transform your distributor operations.

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