What’s New in Botree FlexiDMS: Retailer Categorisation, Easy Reinstallation, and More


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We’re thrilled to unveil the latest product updates for FlexiDMS. These upgrades are designed to empower distributors and company users, offering a host of benefits that streamline distributor operations, enhance data management, and simplify decision-making. 


Let’s dive into the exciting new updates: 


1. Optimizing Retailer Categorization for Efficient Decision-Making 

In our latest release, for better analysis of sales data, secondary scheme execution companies are provided with an option to define Retailer Categorization and Classification, which can be used by the distributor to map the retailer. 


This enhancement offers several benefits: 

I. Quick Identification: Retailers can be easily identified based on their classification. 

II. Tailored Schemes: Distributors can offer schemes and benefits tailored to the retailer’s category. 

III. Detailed Insights: Get a comprehensive overview of each retailer, aiding decision-making and strategy development. 


2. Re-installation for continuous business without remapping efforts 

When FlexiDMS is removed from the distributor system for any reason, the reinstallation process becomes easy, and the distributor can manage it without requiring technical support. This reinstallation process reduces the effort and time needed for remapping master data, such as product and retailer master records. 



I. Reduce the time of installation and recovery. 

II. Uninterrupted data availability for the company 

III. Continuous reporting


3. Easy Data Management with Re-extraction and Rollback Requests through Central Portal 

We are introducing an enhancement in the FlexiDMS that will enable improved data management and reporting. In case there is any discrepancy in the data reported from Tally or Busy, we are providing a provision to re-extract the same by making a request through the central portal. 



I. Data accuracy 

II. Correct Reporting 


4. Purchase Invoice Integration-Tally/Busy 

We empower distributors to receive purchase invoices directly from our company’s ERP system into their Tally/BUSY applications. When the company generates primary invoices, they will be electronically integrated into the distributor’s Tally/BUSY, where distributors will receive alerts and can easily accept them. This feature streamlines the integration of purchase invoices and reduces manual data entry. 



I. Automated flows to Tally/Busy 

II. Reduces manual entry and errors 


In Conclusion 

With our latest enhancements, FlexiDMS simplifies and enhances business processes. From retailer categorization to data synchronization, integrations, etc., our updates are designed to make business and distributor operations more efficient and effective.

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Meet Nimisha Karanam, our dynamic and creative product marketer. With a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and a passion for technology and creativity, Nimisha offers a unique perspective in her role. Beyond work, she enjoys exploring new destinations and cozy cafes, finding inspiration for her creative endeavors.

Nimisha Karanam

Product Marketer

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