What’s New in Botree Mobile DMS: Offline Order, Outstanding Collection Report, Declaration Setup, Discount Management, and More


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In our latest release of Botree Mobile DMS, we’ve introduced a spectrum of features designed to elevate your experience and streamline your daily activities. From enhancing financial clarity to simplifying discount management, from enabling offline orders to empowering distributors with newfound autonomy, each feature is engineered to address your unique business needs. 

Let’s dive into the exciting new updates. 

1. Empowering Seamless Business Operations with Offline orders 

In areas with unstable internet, placing orders online can be challenging, risking incomplete or rushed orders. 

Our latest release tackles this issue head-on by introducing a transformative solution. Distributors now have the power to create Purchase Orders (POs) even in offline mode. Offline-created POs sync with the company when the internet is back up, giving distributors the flexibility to seamlessly continue their operations without waiting for a stable connection. Additionally, this feature allows users to edit and refine their POs while offline. 

This upgrade transforms how distributors work. They can now do business without any internet constraints. They can create, edit, and send orders from anywhere, anytime, irrespective of network availability. This boosts overall productivity, ensures business continuity, and increases customer satisfaction. 

2. Gain Financial Insights with the outstanding collection report

The fundamental goal of any business is to make profits, and having a strong payment tracking system is crucial for collecting payments from customers. A lack of visibility into outstanding payments can create challenges, affecting cash flow and financial stability. Introducing the “Outstanding Collection Report”. The report not only provides an overview of outstanding amounts but also offers the ability to drill down to the invoice level for detailed insights. Its customizable report layout allows users to tailor the report for better decision-making. 

The Outstanding Collection report streamlines financial operations, enhances cash flow, and strengthens customer relationships. It empowers business owners to handle outstanding payments confidently and precisely. 



3. Streamlined Declaration Management empowers distributors

In the realm of invoice management, declarations and disclaimers play a pivotal role, often tailored to specific distributor requirements and regulatory guidelines. 

Our latest update introduces the “Declaration Setting” feature, giving distributors control. They can now easily create and update declarations, responding to changes or regulations. This gives distributors more freedom, no longer being reliant on external support and avoiding delays. Declarations can be quickly updated to reflect current and accurate information. Moreover, the updated declarations seamlessly integrate into invoices, ensuring accuracy. This enhancement saves time, improves efficiency, and helps distributors meet guidelines, boosting compliance and efficiency. 



4. Simplified Discount Management 

Striking the right balance between providing attractive discounts and meeting customer expectations can be challenging in a competitive market. In our latest version, we’ve simplified discounts by removing the distributor discount option. This makes it clearer for distributors and customers. Distributors have a consolidated set of headers for offering discounts, making it easier to communicate and calculate. Customers, on the other hand, understand discounts better, improving their experience. The DB Discount Removal feature removes complexity, making discount management smoother and interactions with customers more efficient. 

5. Enhanced Sub-Channel Visibility and Streamlined Product Search      

In our latest Botree Mobile DMS update, we have added a sub-channel visibility feature within the outlet visit module. This not only provides distributors with more information about the outlets but also improves the billing process. Also, we’ve refined the user experience of product search functionality during the billing process. Overall, these updates contribute to a more efficient and user-friendly billing workflow, enabling distributors to manage transactions with greater clarity and ease.  


Accelerate Operations and Empower Informed decisions

With our latest SMDMS product updates, we’ve reimagined every aspect of your experience, from streamlined operations to enhanced decision-making. The unparalleled insights of the Outstanding Collection Report, the convenience of Offline Ordering, the transparency of DB Discount Removal, and the efficiency of Sub-Channel visibility all come together to redefine how you do business. 

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