What’s New in Botree SFA: Timestamps, DMS and Van Sales Integration, Beat Management in Rural Areas and More


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We are excited to announce the latest release of Botree SFA. These updates are aimed at streamlining processes, boosting visibility, and empowering your field sales teams.  


Let’s explore the highlights of Botree SFA’s latest product updates. 


1. Enhancing Tracking with Image Timestamps

In the SFA app, capturing images during outlet visits, adding new outlets, or completing assigned tasks is a common practice. However, the drawback is the uncertainty about when these photos were taken, which can lead to confusion and reduced reliability in tracking activities. Now, when salespeople capture images, a timestamp will be automatically added to each photo. This timestamp will be positioned at the bottom right of the image, clearly indicating the date and time when the picture was taken. 
This enhancement provides distributors with transparent records of outlet visits and activities. It also eliminates confusion about image associations and enhances the overall reliability of the SFA mobile app, streamlining sales and outlet management processes. 


2. Adapting to Local Norms: Introducing RRP in Pricing 

In our latest release, we’ve introduced an enhancement that allows users to configure the pricing term within the application as either MRP (Maximum Retail Price) or RRP (Recommended Retail Price). This flexibility aligns with the specific pricing norms and requirements of different countries. This empowers users to adapt the application to comply with country-specific norms and maintain pricing consistency, enhancing flexibility and usability. 


3. Optimising Sales Returns with MRP Inclusion 

The latest release introduces an addition to the sales return module. It now includes an MRP field, allowing DSRs to record the MRP of products during the sales return process. This means that when products are returned, not only the quantity is documented but also the associated MRP. This data is then used to generate a sales return report. The primary benefit of this upgrade is enhanced visibility and accuracy in managing sales returns. Distributors now have a comprehensive view of the exact value of the products returned by retailers. By capturing the MRP, the sales return process becomes more precise, reducing potential discrepancies and ensuring transparent financial records. 


4. Seamless Stock Loading: DMS to Van Sale Integration 

The current release introduces a pivotal integration between the Distributor Management System (DMS) and the Van Sale Sales Force Automation (SFA) application. This integration enables company users to prepare a stock loading sheet directly from the DMS. Subsequently, they can seamlessly push this stock loading sheet to the Stock Loading online module within the Van Sale application. This process eliminates the need for supervisor approval, enabling salespersons to commence stock loading without delay. This enhancement contributes to improved sales performance and customer satisfaction by ensuring product availability and streamlining the stock loading process. 


5. Enhanced Data Access Control 

Presently, when company users log in with their IDs, they have access to all salesperson data, including those not relevant or tagged to them.  To tackle this, we have provided company users with access to data related to salespersons who are tagged with them. This includes access to vital information like user reports, work analyzers, hierarchy reports, and usage reports for tagged salespersons. This significantly improves the user experience and streamlines data management, allowing users to focus on the data that matters most.  


6. Streamlining Stock Management  

Company users can now configure the stock loading sheet within the Van Sale application, specifying whether salespersons have the ability to edit the stock quantity. For example, if the configuration is set to “N,” salespersons cannot increase the quantity of a product on the stock loading sheet. Conversely, if set to “Y,” salespersons have the freedom to adjust product quantities on the stock loading sheet.  This flexibility empowers companies to manage their stock loading processes efficiently and adapt to varying operational needs, all while ensuring stock quantity control remains in their hands. 


7. Expanding Flexibility in Order Booking  

We have expanded the UOM options to include KG and “Litre,” providing DSRs with more choices to accurately represent the units they are dealing with. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a feature allowing users to input quantities in decimal values during order booking. These enhancements empower DSRs with greater flexibility. They can now select the most appropriate UOM for products, whether cartons, pieces, kilograms, or litres. Furthermore, the ability to add decimal values to quantities ensures precision when dealing with partial units, ultimately leading to more accurate and efficient order booking processes. 


8. Efficient Order Management: Prioritizing Must-Sell SKUs, Focus Brands, and Promos 

During order booking, DSRs now have the option to categorize products, allowing them to focus on specific product categories such as “Must Sell SKUs,” “Focus Brands,” and “Promo” products which improves overall sales effectiveness. Along with a significant UI/UX update. It significantly reduces the time and effort required to identify and select promotional or priority products from the product list. This aligns the order booking process with the specific sales and marketing strategies of the company. 


9. Enhancing Beat Management in Rural Areas 

Company users, with admin access in SFA Web, now have the capability to lock beats for ISRs. With beat locking enabled, ISRs are prevented from switching beats until they have visited all the outlets assigned to that beat. If an ISR attempts to switch beats prematurely, they receive a pop-up notification instructing them to visit all the outlets within the beat for the day. Company users gain control over beat management, ensuring that ISRs complete their beat assignments thoroughly. The result is complete sales coverage in every beat, improved productivity, and more comprehensive and accurate sales data for the company. This enhancement enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of beat management in rural areas. 


In Conclusion 

With each update, we aim to simplify your operations, make informed decisions, maximize sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. Discover the transformational power of Botree SFA by scheduling a demo today. 

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